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It was bad the first time around, why would anybody want to see it again but ruined by shoddy 3D?

Maxwell Edison

It’s certainly not going to make it any WORSE.


Even if it is shopped. Too bad it’s coming out. POS film, money whore Lucas.


Heh even Lucas aint that stupid to fail again, the text is shooped if ya look closer at the edges


Actually the Star Wars films are being re-realesed in 3D.


Fuk u Lucas!!


“star wars 3d ***by lastexittonowhere***”


As disappointed as I was with the prequels, I can’t help myself when it comes to Star Wars. I’ll have to see them again, just because.

I try to console myself with the fact that if we keep throwing money at Lucas, eventually something will come out of LucasArts that won’t suck. Here’s hoping the live action series is the one that brings Star Wars back to it’s glory.


The problem with that is the fact that Lucas wasn’t the one responsible for greatness of the first two movies. Find some articles or reviews about that subject and you’ll see there was a lot of people that took the basic idea that Lucas had, and made something much better out of it.

In the third movie Lucas made all big decisions in order to sell more toys. The prequels were all just Lucas and toy adds.


Shitty shop is shitty.

teezy weezy

Phantom menace rules, best of all the star trek movies


Yeah, that would just be awful to see space battles and lightsaber fights in 3 fucking D.

Malta Soron

3D as a whole is bullshit. I saw 3D porn and the 3D added jack shit.


No matter what they do, darth maul, as a character, will still lack [3D Glasses] dimension.