nazi jungle king

nazi jungle king

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    Yet it’s the non-nazi that’s killing native americans.


    Well I don’t recall the trail of tears being organised by the Waffen-SS.


    trail of tears was North American native americans.

    These are not North American native americans.

    Other problems include the M-16 which entered US service about 20 years after WW2.

    Also, crossbow has a ridiculously stupid scope on it.


    well history has shown just how much americans love killing natives


    I have a ton of problems with this picture, first is that nazi in his boxer shorts? second, I have never seen a native american use a crossbow before. third, why does it take 2 women with tongs to pick up one gold bar?


    Gold can be fuckin heavy.


    not that heavy


    His pants are off in anticipation for sexorz with the topless Aztec(?) chicks after they’re done moving his gold. The real mystery is what an SS officer is doing in Mexico. Mexico declared war on the Axis powers after some of their ships got sank by German U-boats. They sent pilots to fight alongside with the USAAF. Obscure WW2 trivia, brought to you by me spending too much time browsing Wikipedia. Also, for a minute, I was confused by this whatthefuckery happening inside some sort of castle, but it could be an old Spanish fortress. But the most puzzling thing… Read more »


    I seem to remember reading about many nazis fleeing to South America for some reason. Or perhaps that was just a movie I saw once.

    Malta Soron

    A lot of nazis fleed to countries like Argentina after the war to avoid being prosecuted by the war trials in Nuremberg.


    Tasteful arm/wall/hair/necklace placement is keeping the image from being NSFW.


    Don’t cry for me Argentina
    The truth is I never left you
    All through my wild days
    My mad existence
    I kept my promise
    Don’t keep your distance!

    I don’t know why.
    Don’t judge me!


    I am pretty sure that is Duke at the door.

    I fucking hate Duke. Hawk was so much better. Fuck Duke.


    Is that Doc Savage?