awesome breakfast

awesome breakfast

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    replace one sausage and those shrooms with 2 more eggs over easy, i would be in heaven


    Seems an odd combo. There’s already 2 slices of toast on that separate plate, why have the odd half piece on the main plate? Also rarely see one fired egg, they usually get served in 2s. That said, pretty yummy looking. What kind of sausages are those? Never had baked beans for breakfast, but can’t say that it would be bad. Mine definitely would have hot sauce on it.


    That’s fried bread on the plate as opposed to toast. What we have here gentlemen is a fairly typical UK fry up, although the hash brown is a relatively new addition. I would guess the sausages are either Cumberland or Lincolnshire rather than plain pork ones.

    Get rid of the tomato and I’d be quite happy with that lot!


    Well I like spam. So I’m having spam, spam, spam, spam, baked beans, spam, spam, spam, spam and spam!


    Get slightly bigger plate. Add mashed potatoes.


    The glorious full english breakfast. The toast on the main plate will be fried, the toast on the side plate just be regular toasted toast. Fried black pudding is usually an option.

    I’ll have mine with the HP sauce.


    And how is it that we Americans are fatter?


    Deep fried chesse?


    Cos its processed sugar thats screwing you all not fat 🙂

    random Brit comments – 1 egg is pretty standard, you dont replace sausage, and theres no such thing as easy over.


    Oh, yeah. When I was in Scotland, that was breakfast every day, including the black pudding, a HUGE bowl of porridge, and hot, black tea. I loved it! My wife, OTOH, usually just opted for the porridge and tea. The rest was too greasy for her. Me? I needed to start the day well-lubed. And end it that way too. (That’s where the single malt comes in.) ;^)


    This is as much as I eat in a day o.0


    I’ll pass. Thanks.

    teezy weezy


    Ductile Logistics

    take out the tomato and put some more mushrooms and beans in there


    Grilled tomato is ok as long as it does not contaminate the egg. Not sure why but tomato seems to ruin the yokey goodness of the egg. And the mushrooms are only nice when hot.

    Fortunately full englishes are fully customisable so you can have more of what you like and none of what you don’t.


    Throw some steak under those mushrooms and add some pancakes/waffles. done.


    Where are the fruits?

    This guy is going to get horrible scurvy.


    im american and i think that looks gross.
    if someone put that plate in front of me, i’d cry.