A First Look at Karl Urban as Dredd

Artist Jock, who has drawn Judge Dredd in the comics as well as being the concept artist for the movie, shared the picture below which gives us our first look at Karl Urban as Judge Dredd, helmet and all, from rehearsals.

Ugh, that helmet is still goofy as fuck.

via Superhero Hype.

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    I’m going to assume this movie isn’t going to take itself seriously, because nobody else will.


    Aw what the fuck? Really?


    helmet is SUPPOSED to be GAF
    It’s a sytlistic device

    Hopefully the film will be a gratuitously violent as the orig comics


    Yes, but we already HAD the JD movie that was all style and no acting/plot/writing/logic/pseudo-realism. Stallone costs more than Urban, so we know why this isn’t going to be a sequel, but it would be nice if they put even a little bit of effort into making this more than a popcorn selling movie.


    Ya gotta face the fact that not every comic can be a movie. It’s just the way it is. Look at Man-Thing, Swamp Thing, Tank Girl, Barb Wire, Steel ect…


    What the hell was wrong with Tank Girl?

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