Frank Sinatra

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well said

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    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Frank Sinatra had a unique and tragic OCD that forced him to use some form of the phrase “fly me to the moon” at least once an hour.
    True story.


    one of these days…


    Frank Sinatra’s coolness just radiates from this letter.


    That’s why he was the Chairman of the Board.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Dear Frank,

    Thank you for your letter. George spent all day at the park reflecting on his situation. In fact he’s even going back tonight to dwell on your words. He says it’s helped him relieve himself from the pressures of fame.

    George is looking forward to making the best of his career and has even mentioned wanting a whole bunch of kids around the house. He’s saying boys of course but George has always been a bit of a man’s man.

    Thank you again,



    Swing, man.


    Did Sinatra just tell George Michael to “man the fck up”?


    Yes he did.
    Sinatra may have been a wife beating a-hole but he did know how to turn a phrase and he knew that when you work to be a star you don’t get to whine that its not what you hoped it would be.

    casemods UID# 667


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