Team Fortress

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    There is such an incredible mythos surrounding this game. Valve should consider a movie.


    Pixar should buy the rights, but they only do like G – PG.

    casemods UID# 667

    I like this game but I don’t like how inaccurate and child friendly it is.

    I would enjoy a CS:S addon that kept the real guns, etc

    Got it for $5

    How inaccurate the hit system is makes it almost not worth playing (for most people I suppose this is the reason they play)


    I really should play this game, but sadly Valve only feels that L4D2 is worth supporting on XBLA, and I only have my work laptop.


    Reminds me of Robot Chicken, when the geek fakes saving Lindsay Johansen (I think) and they get married, in his dying bed he is revealed that she was really a male impersonator.