London MCM Expo (3)

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    Chick with skull is hot.


    That is the best Sailor Moon ever.


    Sailor Moon does not have short pink hair. The only character with pink hair was Chibiusa. Just because they have this uniform, does not make them a Sailor Moon character. It is used rather a lot in anime and manga.


    I’m in awe. How do you know all these things. And why do you talk about them as if it’s not embarrassing. I still have Sailor Moon comics and artbooks but I have to hide them from other people. Together with my Dragonball Z cards.


    I never got in to dragon ball, but I was infatuated with Sailor Moon. I think it started as a sexual desire (I was young, of course), but eventually I realized the show is not that bad and then I had two reasons to watch. I really should go back and watch through it all on subs. I had to double check Chibiusa’s name, because I think in a lot of the dubs she was Chibi Moon or Chibi Chibi. Was she Chibi Moon only when transformed? Anyway, as for how I can just talk about it? Because fuck it.… Read more »


    That is an amazing Eve costume for #3. So cool!


    I think I went to school with the Sailor Moon guy