Rally to Restore Sanity

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Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear Washington DC 10/30/10.

It was awesome. Everyone was mellow, no one was causing a ruckus. There were no provocateurs. I would never have thought that 300,000 people could behave so well together. It gives me hope for humanity.

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    That may be a provocateur in pic three


    Even so, he’s still badass.


    I don’t know why that gave you hope for humanity. All it was was 300,000 people getting together so they can hold signs and have a giggles. There was no real goal, scope, or agenda. So…. there really was no point to it besides “Let’s see if we can get 300,000 people who identify their beliefs as sane to pay airfare/travel to Washington D.C.”


    August, 1969.


    Hmmmm, the DNC was recruiting there, no agenda there.


    You left out the last line of “And then people voted on Tuesday and my hope for humanity was lost.”


    These people probably didn’t vote. They just want to be seen. You know they’re all consumer whores.


    Assumption assumption, because assumption.

    What we do know is that they have mastered the English language, unlike the other crowd that gathered.


    Timmay lives down to his name in every political posting.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    The only people who think left wing fucking losers don’t look like complete assholes every time they whine, bitch and cry are other left wing fucking losers. This was a rally because some uninformed morons wanted to take mommy and daddy’s credit card and get some attention because the big bad rally in the summer scared them.

    It just made every one of the attendees look pathetic. The 200,00. But at least the OP even lied when submitting this embarrassment. I’ve discussed this with people all over the world (I’m no in America either) and trust me how you want Tea Party members to be judged is how people think when they see you (you being the people in this picture and those who agree). When you ask ‘why?’ and the answer is ‘um…I dunno…to get those other people mad?’ it just reeks of sad.


    So just because I don’t believe the same way you do that makes me stupid or retarded? You sound just like every other elitist liberal out there. Your a sheep.


    Who’s making the assumption now?


    The idiot in the tree with the flag is retarded. The world isn’t controlled by a loose conglomeration of multinational corporations. It’s controlled by the 11 families of the Illuminati.

    *adjusts tin foil hat*

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