Trick or Treat

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I wish they would come to my house asking for candy.

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    Treats Plz.


    The first one could come tricking to me any time. I’d treat her right!




    How much does she charge for turning tricks?
    Will she treat me to a free one?

    Does that translate into Euro-ese or anywhere else in the world-ese?
    here in the states, turning tricks is a slang term for prostitutes doing buisness.
    To tell someone ‘my treat’ means you are paying for the both of you.


    Judging from how skinny they are, they probably need sandwiches more than candy.


    This. First thing that went through my head (other than “how quickly would I fuck them”, which is what any male thinks upon seeing any non-relative female he’s never met before) was “poor thing needs to put on about ten pounds.”


    I never understood other male’s fascination and obsession to bed fat girls. I think the two women above are perfect as they are and should not feel pressured to conform to other’s infatuation with BBW or “porkies”.


    The next size up from “Walking X-ray” is NOT “fat.”


    Does anyone know anything about the first photo? I need to find where I can buy the outfit she is wearing! My girl said she will give me something VERY SPECIAL if I find it!!!


    You can try rummaging around in the links tineye found-

    Note that results expire in 72 hours, I think.