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Just goes to prove that the smarter you are the less common sense you have, and that you should ALWAYS OBEY THE TIMELINE!

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    The rotation of the Earth would be the least of your problems. But hey, that’s why Doctor Who exists.


    Yep that is why the Doctor’s TARDIS is both a time machine and space ship. He can move through both time and space.


    Problem with interstellar travel #374 – nothing stays still.


    Yeah, the galaxy moves too, and the universe expands.


    I expand and the universe expands.


    Who ate all the pies?


    Who do you think did it? *derp*


    Its funny how people think this in this time. When time travel was practicality in 2134 we realized that the movement of the earth through space drags any temporal phenomena along with it.


    Hmmm. This is off unless he traveled a significant amount of time. Time travel is supposed to hamper or slow the singular objects movement through space while allowing a movement through time. Gravity plays a Huge role in this.


    gonna make a comment here just so i dont forget once i


    I’d rather have a space machine, anyway.


    This cartoon is flawed. When you move through TIME, you are NOT moving through SPACE (not outer space, space as in distance). If you used a time machine, you would disappear and reappear in the EXACT SAME SPOT as when you left, just later or earlier in time. Things that are moving (such as the earth in this cartoon) would have NO effect on when you traveled in time because you AREN’T moving in space, just TIME! You haven’t moved one millimeter in DISTANCE, just TIME! The only danger upon reappearing in the past or present would be if you… Read more »


    That’s the whole point of this comic, isn’t it? You don’t move, the rest of the universe does.


    Damn Aquaman, that’s some pretty hard failing/trolling there.

    Oh well, it’s better that looking at Casemods.


    lol, the earth is too close to the sun.


    No Korinthian, thats not the “point” of the comic. The “point” is that time travel is impossible because of the laws of physics, but for the wrong reason. Nothing to do with space displacement! I knew someone wouldnt get it.

    7ftjesus: trolling? thats what you call trolling? physics? damn.


    Ok I have no idea if you’re serious or not anymore. I’m just gonna say I thought the comic was clever and amusing, and leave it at that.


    Nope, I nailed the point of the comic while you did not for the reasons already stated.


    Ok, Korinthian. One last time. Try to pay attention. SPACIAL relocation is not the same as CHRONAL. Spacial relocation moves you through space or distance measure in inches, feet, miles ect. Chronal relocation moves you through time measured in seconds, minutes, days, ect. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME. One cannot move you the same way as the other. If you travel in time you do NOT travel in space and vice versa. It’s so easy to understand I think you have to be f***ing with me because you can’t be that dim. Either that or your confusing time travel with… Read more »


    So much fail here. Chronal relocation? You deserve some Cojonal relocation.


    So you are saying that earth is at the same location during all points of time? Because if it isn’t, this is what fucks things up.


    time travel is a fun idea however implausible.


    “So you are saying that earth is at the same location during all points of time? Because if it isn’t, this is what fucks things up.”

    TIME IS NOT THE SAME AS SPACE! JESUS F***ING CHRIST! I’m done. Don’t bother leaving a response. I won’t be checking it. You are dumb.


    You know, I think you have convinced me that you don’t know what you’re talking about. Repeating the same thing over and over won’t convince me of your position. Moving through time would necessarily have to take into consideration the conditions of the period of time you are moving to. So if you are moving to the exact same place in the past you might actually be transported into a rock that was at the exact same spot as when you were traveling from. Similarly other factors like this would have to be taken into consideration, like the movement of… Read more »