Watching other people use a computer

watching-other-people-use-a-co.gif (467 KB)

It`s funny because it`s true.

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    This would be ME watching my WIFE do almost anything on the computer…not to mention the internet.


    Reverse ditto. How an engineer can be so computer…grrrrrrrr!


    Watching people suck at simple internet tasks is indeed painful.


    What’s wrong with not using the scroll wheel? Damn thing’s slower than using the scrollbar if you use the bar right…


    I prefer Page Up/Page Down, Home and End.

    HAHA! This is great. Love it how he is losing his shit in the illustrations. Exactly how I get. I would eventually just walk away before somebody would get hurt.


    ^^This, especially on the laptop.


    You got a shitty mouse.


    Or I know how to use the tools on the screen and am not some moron that needs to rely on crutches to get the job done…

    Luke Magnifico

    Or I know how to change the mouse settings to what I need, instead of ‘click-drag-click-drag’ing my way down the page like I’ve been fucking lobotomised.


    Jump down one page at a time or precision move the block on the scroll bar vs clicking down one click at a time. Hmmm….

    Not my fault you don’t know how to use the fucking computer.


    I hereby solemnly agree to make sweet, sweet love to whoever is responsible for this.


    I relate so fucking hard.


    OK, this is true. But not funny.


    This is very true for me if i watch any family members on the computer, also true for some of the people in my Computer Programming course in college.


    This is why if my parents want to find something on the internet I do it for them. In the time it takes them to access Google and find whatever they’re looking for I’ve brought my laptop from my room downstairs, turned it on, opened up a browser, and am on the page they were asking for and on certain occasions I’ve already finished making most of a sandwich in the kitchen.

    casemods UID# 667

    When my dad uses email, I have to literally tell him everything to do, then he acts stupid like he didn’t just do that 5 seconds ago…

    He has that “don’t want to remember any of this” mindset…it’s annoying.

    He expects me to do it FOR him everytime.


    Just this once, I agree.


    Just get up and let me do it.


    google will try look for exact matches and put those first if you don’t use quotes.