Great billboards

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Love hath no fury like a woman scorned, and YaVaughnie Wilkins proved it when she paid approximately $250,000 for billboards in New York, Atlanta and San Francisco revealing her eight-and-a-half-year affair with married Oracle CEO and Obama advisor Charles Phillips. Apparently the billboards were her revenge after he reconciled with his wife. She even created a website—which was allegedly full of photos, love notes and other evidence of the affair—that has since been taken down.

Ellis Miller of Gilmer, Texas, doesn’t like how things are being done in the White House, and he’s letting everyone know it. “I was frustrated by how things were going with the health care bill and other aspects of the administration,” Miller explained. So he decided to put his freedom of speech to use with billboards like this one. Photo courtesy of James Gagliardi.

Bergemann & Son Funeral Services seems to have no shame when it comes to finding new customers, as can be seen from this billboard in the Berlin subway.

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    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Anyone who is embarrassed about voting for Obama has forgotten what the alternative was.


    No doubt.

    fracked again

    He will be able to pay for that billboard with the tax cut Obama put in the budget.


    No kidding. I voted for Obama and I’m proud. Though honestly, I can kinda see where some things might have been a little easier if McCain had been elected. First, he would have probably passed another stimulus. But the stimulus would have FAR more support, because Fox new would be promoting the thing 24/7 instead of condemning it. This, in turn, would have helped the economy. As some people know, the economy is an emotional thing. When people HEAR the economy is bad constantly, they don’t spend their money, which slows recovery. With FAUX news constantly telling everybody the stimulus… Read more »


    I voted for Ron Paul, because he was the lesser of three assholes.


    His libertarian ass would have let us slide into a depression.


    Awesome. Too bad he wasn’t enough of a celebrity to have a real chance. They also took him off ballots even though he was still running. I think he should have gotten a mohawk, everyone would have been excited about having the first ever president with a mohawk.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    How did you vote for Ron Paul?? He wasn’t running in the general election.


    I’m pretty sure there would still have had Tea Partiers.


    Really? Why?


    Because there are always Tea Party types every election season.

    There’s always a percentage of people that want smaller gov’t, less spending and lower taxes…assuming that it’s their taxes that are lowered, none of their services cut and a fed gov’t that only tries to limit the freedoms of people that are not like them.


    And we would have still gone deeper into debt and still saved the banks because Washington DC cannot change overnight. The corrupt and greedy live in the house and senate, in the pockets of those with deeper pockets.

    No matter who you voted for.


    Geez, are you one of those people who believe the Tea Part is what it says it is? If Mcain was in power, all those idiots would have stayed home. There was no Tea Party when Bush was bailing out the banks. Tax were higher across the board under Bush, but no one was complaining then. Additionally, the Tea Party wouldn’t have benefited from the massive astroturfing and constant promotion from Fox news. The Tea Party is just another partisan campaign to promote the Republican Party. Bottom line. I mean, do you really think thousands of right leaning people would… Read more »

    tiki god

    the teaparty never gave a shti about TARP until they started to help out some of the people that were underwater on their mortgages : that video is the genesis of taking the teabaggers serious.

    most of the people that were underwater? darker skinned, uneducated americans that took the bank at their word when they said they could afford the house they were buying. the tea party doesn’t want to talk about it, but there it is.


    Your absolutely right, Tiki.

    Bailing out rich guys is Ok. Poor brown people? Not so much.

    Remember, in America socialism is bad, unless it benefits the rich.

    However, I still think the Tea Party would have been non-existent under a republican.

    Under Bush the only noticeable thing about them was their deafening lack of concern.


    Embarrassed by all the bull the Republican party has been throwing up to try to discredit our President? Yes!

    Embarrassed by tactics like the “Birthers” and the “Death Panels”, and people who said that he’s a radical because he had met a radical at a fundraiser decades before?

    I Sure am!

    Embarrassed by pundits that use the word “Nazi” to mean “anyone who is not a radical conservative” – when in fact the Nazi Party was both radical and conservative? -Absolutely!

    Embarrassed at the levels American Politics has sunk to?
    Oh, God YES!!!!



    Luke Magnifico

    Hey, at least your leader’s sober.