The Evolution Of The Geek

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    I still draw a very distinct line between Hipsters and Geeks.

    Geeks are fun to hang around with and even better when drunk.

    Hipsters not so much.


    hipsters are stoners, which is why they’re no fun when they’re drunk.

    Alec Dalek

    It makes Tech Geeks sound like total fags!


    Some of these should not be together. Star Wars geeks are NOT movie geeks; A Star Wars geek is familiar with a wide aware of games, books, CCGs


    Whoever wrote this didn’t research enough, this is all bulldick. I am a geek. According to this chart, I’d be closest to a “tech geek”, yet I don’t like apple’s products, and I’m not huge on social networking sites either.

    Also, most definitely not a hipster. Not even fucking CLOSE.

    Also, where are the open-source geeks? I’d rather be hanging around in their camp as opposed to the ipad toting tool they label as “tech”.

    Much fail was had here today.




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