AMC’s The Walking Dead

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Got my hands on an advance copy, now my Hallowe’en is free to… watch it again. You’ll laugh, cringe, possibly cry, and definitely shout survival advice. No spoilers, but I will say that in one scene, with only one line of dialogue, you’ll be sympathetic for this hungry mofo.

I read the comics, and I’m a bit jealous of people that didn’t.

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    tiki god

    my GOD that was a good episode. very true to the comic too.

    I love it.


    I’ve read the comic all the way until the last couple of issues or so. Or at least I think the last couple of issues.

    SPOILERS***essentially after the black chick and the kid escape as the only survivors from the prison after the crazy tank guy comes and kills everyone. not sure what happens to those two after that.***/SPOILERS

    But needless to say, I am SOOOOO psyched for the new series.


    I love the comic, but honestly it’s been so long since I started reading it I really don’t remember everything. I should probably reread it after season 1 of the show ends.


    I won tix to the premiere screening event (drove 9 hours from Tucson to go). I own the compilations released to date and I had reviewed Days Gone Bye before the screening.
    Definitely impressed. The zombies looked good, the headshots looked good, and they kept in some material I thought they’d lose.
    And apparently Tiny Lister is going to be involved somehow – or thinks he is based on how he was acting with the little kid who plays the character of Carl (who sat right in front of me), so that’s cool.