The true size of Africa

true-size-of-africa.jpg (810 KB)
Created by David McCandless

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    This irritates me to no end. Africa is a continent! A damn CONTINENT!
    A continent is being compared to individual countries.

    Apples to oranges, fuckheads!


    Well Africa is a huge land mass.


    yo momma is a huge land mass


    compare africa to asia or north america then eh.


    Why bother, we have globes for that.


    You’re a moron. This illustrates the size of the continent perfectly. Mission fucking accomplished.


    Africa = 30221532 Km2, Asia = 44579000Km2


    Africa is small and unimportant because they do not contribute to the world at large, not because we draw it smaller than it is on a map.

    Also what j-Bryon said


    Why do 9 out of 10 images not load on the NSFW side of the site, when you get to page 200?


    To add to your response to j-Bryon

    “Africa [The amalgamation of African countries that we call Africa] … does not contribute to the world at large…”

    …but it’s bigger than all those countries we compare it to, which are much smaller and yet contribute much more “to the world at large”

    That’s the comparison made here and I think it’s quite justified! (Except that you can decided that it’s utterly meaningless, but then you’re actually acknowledging that other posts on picture blogs are actually meaningful!)

    tiki god

    no idea about the images. are they 404ing?


    Not really sure? They appeared with the broken img. icon and would not load. If you clicked on the img to open in a new page/tab, it 404ed.

    Seems to be working now?

    Also, going through the old posts I found several by Caio. Anyone know what happened to him?


    When someone like that goes missing, you don’t go looking for them.

    tiki god

    yep, there was a think that I forgot to do when MCS switched servers, so I did that thing, and now things are working again. yay.



    Your computer has achieved sentience and is trying to tell you to quit looking at porn and go talk to a real girl.


    and yet i don’t care.


    Now how many Africa countries will fit in Asia or America (continent)?


    Needs more Alaska

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    You guys are depressingly retarded. The point is that on a Mercator projection landmasses near the poles (ie. North America, Europe and Asia) appear to be larger than landmass near the equator. This misrepresentation leads to the general belief that Africa is smaller than North America or Europe, even though it the second largest continent, both by area and population.


    If what you are saying is true, than that must mean that Greenland is not as big as the US? Those sneaky bastards!

    except that if you go to the website of the tard that make this pic, it is laced with left wing propaganda.

    and who down voted me? It is not MY fault the pics were not loading correctly

    What left wing propaganda? Doctor Who, soda companies and telecom lawsuits? Put down your gun and step away from the Tea Party.

    I think he means:

    but I dunno. I also don’t know how the self important douche sounds off as a tech expert yet has a Word Press site representing him to the world.

    It would be great if in making this he indicated some sort of point other than ‘hey look if I try I can make people feel a little less intelligent’.

    Africa is big. Even bigger than I thought. I echo the coon: and yet i don’t care.


    no Canadian comparison… LAMEEE


    Edmonton here.


    Has someone sent a copy of this to Sarah Palin?


    Thank you J Byron for pointing out what few seem to get, even after you pointed it out.

    Also, needs more Alaska. They left out approx. 1/3 of the US land mass!
    Can I make one that complains how almost ALL US maps, especially on the daily weather report, make Alaska look smaller than Texas, when in fact it is ginormous.

    The answer is no, because I can’t draw very well 🙁


    So that’s why the AIDS rate is so high there.. I get it now.