How can I get my hard drive faster?

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Pic 1 – windows experience index showing hard drive bottle neck.

Pic 2 – The RAM I just got.

Pic 3 – The motherboard I just got.

$100 for HD 5770 1gb GDDR5 128bit

$89 for AMD athlon 2 x4 640

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    Do you shop in the Concord, CA store?

    Squirrel Of The North Star

    I have an SSD as my primary system disk, and I get 7.1 for the Disk Data Transfer Rate.


    That benchmark has no relevance to the real world. Then again, neither does casefag.


    Benchmark = algorhythms = rather one dimensional perspective

    Also, assuming 1kw PSU and some other shit, i estimate that setup to be 380. Buying the same setup here in australia would be 600+

    And 600+ in the US would be enough to buy a rig that’ll play anything on the market on high settings

    Fuck this country, I’m getting out ASAP


    Win 7 benchmark sucks. Hard.
    Last year I got i5 750, Asus P7P55D Deluxe, OCZ Platinum 1333 MHz (with appropriate voltage), and with SATA 2 Caviar Black, got something like you…
    And I think, my Failgate 7200.11 got something about 5 too, before it “died” with all my data…


    15K RPM Drive aught to up that score a bit. Anything with a faster transfer rate…


    Really ? no one ?
    Try Disabling the write cache on your HDD
    It’s a known issue with Win7.


    While I might have an idea on how to fix his issue…

    1) he is kindof a douche
    2) I come to MCS to escape the world of IT and to laugh, not to troubleshoot other people’s PCs.


    Your computer needs speed holes to make it run faster. Try using a gun to make them.


    SSD Hard Drive