An Illustration of Left vs Right

leftright_US_1416.gif (195 KB)
Created by David McCandless

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    as if everyone in america fits neatly into one box or the other


    I honestly think most people are moderates.


    Doesn’t matter which side, the government as a whole is not working. The nation is slowly crumbling because the government is too corrupt. “Of the people”, more like of the lobbyists and whoever can throw down the biggest bucks (Utilities etc..). All politician aren’t worth backing anyhow.

    Just tear that shit down and build anew.


    Democracy was envisioned to protect the interests of the brand-new merchant classes. What do you expect?


    Fortunately, we operate under a republic… :p


    Only because this country is fucking huge. Same difference.


    …and neither is free enterprise. The corruption is throughout. Throw both out the door and restart. We blame gov’t because we think that they oppress us. The corporations do a fair share of oppression as well.


    What it comes down to is one simple truth: Power corrupts. Given time, any government will become corrupt. Anarchy isn’t really any better, though.


    Fuck the democrats. Fuck Obama. As a liberal, fuck them. They had the greatest chance for a single payer system this year and all they could pass is the Baucus bill, which is a GOP plan for giving more money to rich fuckers. I agree with puu, bulldoze this country from coast to coast.


    Left sounds better in almost every regard.


    How weird.


    Bullshit the Conservatives don’t interfere with society!

    If that were the case, both abortion and homosexual marriage would have been legal years ago.


    They interfere with society’s advancement.


    I got as far as “Right doesn’t interfere with social lives.”


    All those protests against Muslims, gays, abortions, etc. are not interfering? This might work for a pre-Nixon political right, but even then it’s idealized and not at all realistic of existing political patterns.


    Reminds me of a joke Chris Rock once said.

    Republicans and Democrats are BOTH idiots.

    Anyone who has ALREADY made a decision on a topic before hearing it is a MORON.

    Each individual person has to weigh in what they feel is right personally.

    Everyone is a mix of left and right.

    Only idiots go full left or right.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    The American Democratic Party is not ‘left’. They are center-right. Nixon was a liberal compared to today’s Democrats.