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One of my favorites.


Lee Van Cleef is missing the tip of his right hand index finger.


I have never seen a Clint Eastwood movie, and I am perfectly fine with that fact


It’s perfectly fine to dislike something. Opinions are opinions. But judging something before you see it is shortsighted. Also, if you’ve prejudged something, it’s unlikely your opinion will change. That said, I would recommend trying a few of Eastwood’s better films. He is a cornerstone of modern American cinema for a reason. He started as your basic western/action hero, but over time developed into one of the most talented artists in Hollywood. Yeas I said artist. Eastwood is cerebral and insightful on a level all his own. Could you imagine Arnold Schwarzenegger or Bruce Willis evolving into one of the… Read more »


Why are you fine w/ that? You don’t even know if you should be fine w/ that.

TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

No need for the comma, ass.

Way to brag you haven’t seen some of the best movies ever made.

What other characteristics that make you a total loser are you especially proud of? Girth perhaps?


This is awesome.


Clint Eastwood films are awesome. And, they keep getting better. He has aged gracefully as an actor, and has kicked ass as a director and producer. Even “The Bridges of Madison County” was a good movie- if you like stupid sappy chick-flicks.