Information is infectious

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    I see what you did there, nice!

    tiki god

    for the longest time I thought it was two different columns comparing each other.

    but now I see that it’s intended to be read left to right, and it’s the same guy in all of them.


    tiki god

    The challenge, of course, being that while in the first 4 stages the rest of the world will ridicule you. Often quite mercilessly. How many people believe they are strong enough to withstand the onslaught of the everyone else who doesn’t know (and has been educated to never question)?


    If you have integrity, what you should believe should always be opened to be challenged, but never should be changed by ridicule. You can’t force people to come to any avenue of information through anything but their own curiosity. All you can do is plant seeds and hope curiosity grows. Keep in mind that the false ego we’re all slaves to is a mental illness and probably the source of every problem, ever. You can’t change that shit in anyone unless they’re open to being wrong.

    Information is wonderful, there’s no such thing as good or bad information, it’s how it’s used (don’t tell that to anyone who supports internet censorship though, lol). Unfortunately when it comes to opening the world’s eyes to it’s own sickness and problems, it’s near impossible without a cataclysmic event to unite us. Until then, lets just watch the media focus on how we’re all different. Different sexes, different races, different sexualities, different religions, different social classes, anything to keep us segregated.

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