What kind of spider is this?

birds 028.JPG (1 MB)

I found her hanging about in my kitchen window and have no idea what kind of spider she is. She is pretty; I love her colors.

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    The horrifying kind that would be the worst to discover by walking face-first into their web accidentally. Seriously, I fear that everytime I see a big web in a place that I could potentially be walking casually.


    I believe its a Weaving Orb spider (or something of that nature).

    What part of the world do you live in?

    PS: If it was at my house, or anywhere near me, it’d be a ‘Dead’ Spider. THe best kind of spider there is!


    oooooh, she is pretty!
    she’s a webdweller… but thats not much use considering there are thousands of types of spiders…
    i could make some guesses, but i’d prolly be wrong.
    she is pretty though, good find


    I suspect this is at least close…
    It looks a lot like the St. Andrew’s Cross spider we get here in Australia, which is also the same genus as the writing spider.


    Harmless garden spider. Good for killing the more annoying bugs, like flies. I hate flies.


    Kill it with napalm!


    Spiders are awesome! They help keep your home free of ACTUAL pests. Killing a spider is like saying, “Sure, I want the disease ridden insects and such to enter my home, I got no problem with them, but this lady that kills them? Fuck this lady!”


    Ya, fuck that lady. That scary, needs to be killed with fire lady.


    My house is infested with brown widows. They bite me while I sleep, making zit-like painful marks appear on my face and scalp. Fuck those spiders.


    My apologies. I always forget about the obnoxious ones. 🙁

    They should at least be left alone if in or near gardens.


    I leave them alone if they are outside. But if they are in my house or in my room that is where i break out my brass knuckles.


    I as well would dispose of it using the largest weapon I could find that would not result in police knocking on my door. Probably due to being hung over a widow’s nest by a sadistic baby sitter at the age of 5. She was a bitch.


    however this clip is pretty rockin


    It is a type of Golden Orb Weaver.. sometimes called the Banana Spider.


    I was going to say “Banana Spider”, but you obviously beat me to it. Not venomous at all. The big ugly one’s usually aren’t. Regardless, I hate spiders. “Nuke it from orbit… It’s the only way to be sure.”


    My wife and I have a deal with all the spiders around here.
    If you stay outside, we’ll leave you alone.
    If you come in the house, the cats will most likely torment you ruthlessly, torture you then eat you.
    Your choice spiders.

    So far, it’s worked. =P


    That particular pattern looks pretty close to the zipper spiders we have in New England — same genus as the orb spiders in question. Chances are, if you’re in the US, it’s the Banded Garden Spider.


    looks like one of the Orb Weaver variety. And just for fun check out this link:

    it’s an unusually large orb weaver eating a bird. From QLD, Australia.Think about that next time you’re looking out your kitchen window 😛


    Argiope. Not deadly poisonous but can bite. When we were kids we used to throw grasshoppers into their web and watch them attack, kill and roll them up in webbing to eat later. If you throw non living things into their web, they will rock the web back and forth violently. Awesome colors.


    you know that, regardless of where you are on the face of the planet, you are never more than seven feet away from a spider, don’t you?