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This Mantis has been hanging around my front door for about 3 days now. How big do these get in Virginia anyway??

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    Finding a Mantis in your yard supposedly brings good luck, as long as you don`t hurt them, of course. Then, may you rot in hell.
    Just sayin`.


    That second shot in so WIN!


    Dis fly right here, I can has. Yes?


    That is so awesome. God I wish I could meet a mantis. The best I can get is the poor man’s mantis – the grasshopper. Damn recession.


    That thing is almost cute, in Ohio, if they live long enough, they get slightly bigger than that, i don’t know about Virginia.


    I have seen them get a bit bigger in Texas, but only if they have a good food source. The spiders and mantes at the water garden store I used to work out got quite a nice diet of grubs and caterpillars and they got pretty freaking big. My coworkers would feed caterpillars to the spiders in the canna. Those were some very happy spiders. The mantes were not as common to find so we did not help them out so much.


    Isn’t everything bigger in Texas, or is that just a story made up by the locals? 😀


    Just be gentle with them, those front arms can do some damage if they get in a mind to fight back.


    Did anyone else read that as “how big do these get in the vagina anyway?” God, I’ve been on the internet too long.


    shes only hanging around because there is lots of food(smaller insects)…6 inches would be about max size(as long as the dollar bill)..its beautiful though…


    That’s a wild Scyther! You should catch it because those things are rare!