Diving With A Great White Shark

99_great_white_shark_guadalupe_island_mexique.jpg (242 KB)

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    I am a diver and I haven’t met too many guys who would casually swim alongside a white.


    And yet, it has been done – sharks don’t really like the taste of people, anyway


    yes, I am sure it does. My point is that this guy has titanium balls.

    I have seen a few different types of shark but would shit my wetsuit if I ever saw a white underwater.

    I have been on a dive where another dive group reported seeing one, I still get the chills thinking about it.


    Pretty good show on great whites:
    Expedition Great White

    chris maxwell

    I have always loved whites and would love to dive in open water with one. It is possible to do it. If you respect the white, it will respect you. I have been diving for afew years now but still have not seen one, one day hopefully.


    “If you respect the white, it will respect you” …. yeah, unless it hasn’t fed in a while and has never seen a human. Then it might just decide to bite you to see if you’re edible. Diving with a White in open water is just pushing your luck, imo. I’d LOVE to cage dive with a group of them and see them feeding underwater, but never in a million years would I leave the cage to swim with them. Salute to those who have/would. You have guts… maybe more guts than brains, but guts, nonetheless.


    En español: ¿De qué fecha es esta foto? Lo pregunto porque el equipo de buceo es antiquísimo.
    In English: What is the date of this photo? I ask because the equipment of the diver in very very very old.