2000 vs 2010

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    Yeah yeah yeah 2010 is superior in all respects but the 2000 mac had an awesome game. I cannot remember what it was called, but it had dinosaurs with guns and cannons and other awesome shit, and it was a first-person shooter, player plays as a dinosaur and shoots other dinosaurs. Fucking win.




    Just downloaded the game and it is fucking awesome and as difficult as I remembered.


    Yeah it was pretty sweet alright


    I had that Mac, I’m ashamed to say, and that game was the /ONLY/ thing it did! I was behind in every online program, couldn’t see JPEGs and music? On a COMPUTER!? “What the hell are you going to do with MUSIC on a COMPUTER!?” Needless to say, I casemodded it into a fish tank and bought another PC.


    You must have had a dodgy one then cause my one is currently sitting in the kitchen running 10.5 smoothly 10 years after I bought it, the only thing it can’t do is youtube and even then its not used for that anyway so it doesnt matter


    If you couldn’t view jpgs or listen to music, you must suck. There were plenty of picture viewers and music players for the PowerMac out… for FREE!


    Okay, seriously. If it took 10 years to double the CPU, quadruple the RAM, and leave the HD space the same, then Mac is seriously losing the game to IBM. Glad everything is compact, lightweight and efficient, Now can you produce a desktop that can compete dollar-for-dollar with a PC? Didn’t think so.


    Wow way to compare a PHONE with a computer, the point isnt that its smaller or more light weight. its that something that was originally only built for calls is now 2 times more powerful (maybe more) not to mention god knows how many times more USEFUL then one of the more popular computers of the time (Even though you hate macs as is obvious you can’t deny that that computer was popular and started something more then just stupid beige boxes)

    Luke Magnifico

    Yeah, it started stupid white boxes.


    The iPhone can’t make calls.


    DROID. Verizon.


    Touche. Good point. However, I keep having friends justify their iPhone by saying that it means that they don’t need to carry a laptop around. That I don’t get. I can’t imagine preparing a word document or powerpoint presentation for work on an iPhone.

    And no, I don’t hate Macs. I’m a professor, I use Macs at work and PCs at home. If someone else wants to pay for them, I’m more than happy to use Macs. I just don’t think they are worth the surcharge you pay for buying them rather than PCs.


    Both are overpriced average products.

    casemods UID# 667

    I remember people who bought these macs.

    They mostly bought them because of how it looked.

    Nobody would buy them if they still looked like this.


    They were basically the same thing.

    teezy weezy

    Why compete with trash? cheap PCs are cheap for a reason, they are shit.

    Luke Magnifico

    I’m pretty sure every single one of these was bought by underfunded schools.

    casemods UID# 667

    LOL YES! My old elementary school had these as well as my high school.


    Your ELEMENTARY school?!

    Okay, I feel old now. I remember feeling like I missed out because my k-3 school was getting apple IIc’s the year I moved on to the 4-6 school, which still was using apple IIes.

    Count your blessings AK, at least all the computers you used functioned basically like computers today (even if they didn’t have the functionality). No loading 10-20 floppy disks every time you turned it on to get a program to load.