This Is Why

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Airplanes cannot be shooting stars.

I could really use a wish right. A wish right now.

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    always in poor (read as: totally lacking in ) taste

    if I had a wish it would be for you to drink draino.
    Hungarian refinery sludge

    either way, drink something strongly alkaline and die




    I deal.
    I do so by reminding little mindless puddles of drool like “individual” who thought this would be funny that he or she is a complete and total a-hole.
    I do not wish death upon them or even severe life-changing injury.
    Instead, I wish the most heinous punishment imaginable for a person like that.
    To think.
    and if all that was too confusing for you ….FUCK OFF


    That doesn’t mesh w/ someone w/ a callous disregard for anything.

    I’m pretty sure I’m allowed my opinion and it is not out of callous disregard for anyone. It’s been 9 years and it’s not sacrosanct. We need to move past it. For some that will be impossible; it’s devastated some people and families and I will always feel for them. I lost 3 childhood friends, but I won’t stay stuck in it.




    Bad day?


    My tiny world of bullshit ?
    Did I mention war ?
    No, that is part of your tiny world of bullshit where the attacks on September 11th were the start of the war against the jihadists.
    But in the real world, it had been going on for quite some time, but too many like you lived in “tiny bullshit worlds”.
    The kind of world where jihadists set off a bomb in the North Tower, and we just “move on” and let it go.
    Then those same people go on to blow up aprtment buildings and embassies and warships….and we just “get over it”.
    Who the fuck anointed you to speak for the American people ?
    70% of them seemed to care when a jihadist supporter wanted to build a victory mosque.
    BTW: ya mindless dumbfucker, most of those civilians were killed overseas by the very same people.
    Hey, we even have an embassy bomber on trial, but people like you are going to let him go because they ( i mean YOU ) can accept the parameters of this sick, twisted joke we call life and want to bury their heads in the sand and pretend it will all go away.
    So, to recap ….Puulaahi and the poster ….Go Fuck Yourself
    @nyokki ….I can assure you that you do indeed have a right to your opnion, but that in no way prevents me from sharing mine.
    Maybe when I get enough pieces of my friends to fill a shoebox I will get over it, but as it stands they are still finding pieces of the dead in lower manhattan so maybe some us will take a little longer to get over it.
    My name is about you ….the complete and callous disregard for your opinion.
    I made the name knowing I would meet you …God told me…or my dog I forget which.


    It’s an anger and sorrow that I cannot maintain. I’ve lost 3, many more are currently around Iraq and in Afghanistan. 2 are on their 4th tour in that arena. It doesn’t bother me that some (myself included sometimes) make jokes. I am absolutely certain that I have hurt others’ pain that I did not understand. My dog only tells me that it’s time for dinner. Your dog seems more interesting.


    I don’t have a pastor but if you find one that doesn’t believe in god let me know, I’ll donate to his church.
    The rest is a nice rant on how good you are, how bad America and the west is and some utterly mindless bullshit about going to war to build McDonald’s in Iraq.
    Who told you couldn’t express your opinion or even that it wasn’t valid ?
    But what you really mean is ” how dare anyone criticise me because my views are so obviously the correct ones ?”
    The picture sucked and people that mock the attacks of September 11 suck.
    It’s a comment page and that is my comment.
    In reality…………it tends to be the lefty co sckrs that always want free speech to equal agreement and always try to muzzle those they disagree with.
    The war is back on the front page thanks to that POS assange so I think the public will be dealing with it.


    Hey you. You rule. I’ll be your dirty socialist friend.

    And yeah that was stupid on his part, the war is on the front page only because of Assange? Yeah right. While we’re at it, Assange rules also, it’s the cocksuckers that want to stop Wikileaks that are the true pieces of shit. Isn’t it just delightful when you can curse and don’t have to censor yourself? No really the “co sckrs” and “POS” made me laugh.


    Now that is a thought inspiring picture.
    It is clearly old and was probably released shortly after the towers were built and has the little time code in the corner indicating how long it would take to get from Pakistan to NYC, which is clearly represented by the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center.
    At first glance it might appear to be the work of a talentless attention-seeking whore who has no life and seeks to leech off the emotions of others but I think it is a real ad from the 70’s.
    On the other hand, I don’t understand French and while I can figure out some of the words, perhaps it doesn’t say what I think it does.
    In which case it makes it an extremely esoteric attempt at attention-whoring.


    It’s a real ad. It basically says that they have non stop to New York from Orly, France. It goes on about how good and efficient of a company they are. 3 million passengers the year of the ad, every 6 minutes, in New York and 60 other major cities.


    The nostalgia of Pakistan being anything but a nuclear armed bed of wild -eyed crazies is enough for me.

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