My Hondo bass

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Picked this baby for 50$ and restored it with just a couple of bucks. Does anyone here plays bass, ever heard of Hondo?

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    No, but I do have friend that does and probably has.


    I am a bass player, and I’ve never heard of Hondo – btw, looks like a Precision – but, of course your fingers are responsible for the sound 🙂 (digital tone control – lol)


    This guitar only got 4 strings. Someone tricked you.


    I play guitar, Hondo is a Japanese brand. They made mostly knock offs, which is probably why it looks like something else. Most of them were made in the 70’s and early 80’s and have decent electronics in them. For $50 it sounds like a steal.


    i think they’re actually an american brand. i was looking at a hondo the other day. the electrics are good, but the acoustics are really what you want to pick up from them.


    yup i play, got a 2003 fireglo ricky *caresses it*
    yeah they make mostly replica-ish models which aren’t actually bad.


    Looks a hell of a lot like a Rockwood by Hohner. It’s got those naaasty single core pickups. I know this because I picked one up for £30 a couple of weeks ago. 🙂


    Check out vid:

    They’re basically a cheap-o beginner line. Still, better than nothing.


    I play guitar, but have 2 basses in my (small) collection. One of them is this EXACT bass, same color and everything. It is just OK, doesn’t sound great, plays fairly well. I shielded the back of the pickguard and inside of the control cavity with conductive metal tape (connected to ground) to cut down on hum, and replaced the nut with a hand-shaped brass nut, (they sell the blanks at Guitar Center). It didn’t improve the tone a whole lot. I find that the low strings are fairly low on output, not evenly balanced with the higher strings. For… Read more »


    Cheap ass guitars. I played one back in the 80s. But better quality than some of the crap that comes out nowadays. It’ll hold its tune, which is something that a new 50 to 100 buck guitar won’t do.

    Learn on it, and then get something better when you get better. But keep it. Don’t get rid of it.


    RE: ‘My Hondo bass’

    Hey, this may seem like a strange request, but here I go:

    After having some trouble with trying to replace my black Hondo bass pickguard with a white one (they never appeared to receive the one I’d sent), I’ve decided you may be able to help.

    I will give you $35 ALONE for the white pickguard on that bass.

    I can pay by PayPal. Are you interested?

    Thank you for your time. Please respond whenever possible.

    Andrew Watson
    15 Polmuir Road
    Aberdeen City
    Aberdeen AB11 7RS


    That’s not a Hondo it’s a Palmer Bass, i got one i can send pics if you want. Mine looks like eddie van halen II the yellow and black guitar.