Edible Reasons Why I Love Where I Live

GooeyButterCake.jpg (67 KB)

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1. Gooey Butter Coffee Cake
2. Toasted Ravioli
3. Lion’s Choice Restaurant

But….fuck thin crust pizza! Horrid crap that is.

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    Clearly you have never had California Pizza Kitchen thin crust pizza.


    From a CPK restaurant perhaps. The stuff they have in the freezer section of grocery markets is just another frozen pizza.


    I don’t understand how a company could decide to name their product “Gooey Butter Cake.” That’s like naming a pudding “Slimy Chocolate Pudding.”


    I think we might have a cultural disconnect on that word. Here, gooey reminds people of fresh cinnamon rolls, with sugar that sticks to your fingers and lots of icing.

    Personally, the idea of Butter Cake is the grosser. Cake is flour, eggs, sugar and a rising agent. Put the butter in the frosting.

    I have to say that the Lion’s choice looks a lot better than an Arby’s roast beef sandwich.


    Ah is that so, thank you for clarifying. I did wonder for a second if maybe gooey is a pleasant word for you but here it’s in the same range as slimy. Yeah I agree cake doesn’t sound good anyway, I know the ingredients, but for me it’s the consistency that I don’t like, let alone what it’s made of.


    Where are the Ted Drews concretes?

    I liked Imos well enough. Have you been there long enough to remember Pantera’s?

    But say “Busch” and lose a testicle


    Ted Drewes is the absolute best.


    Having moved from STL to Baltimore, I have to say Lion’s Choice is one of the things I miss the most, food-wise.

    Mmm, Pantera’s. Those were good shops.


    Schlafly (and not that nutbag Phyllis either).

    Imo’s is basically slime on a crispy piece of cardboard.


    We used to call it glue on a cracker. Why do so many people swear by this shit?


    On my `places to see before I die`.` Do you have any best restaurant suggestions. (I`d put a question mark but my keyboard is frustratingly in French)


    i miss living in west county… white castle on manchester and dougherty ferry was ok. pietro’s toasted ravioli is by far the best i say.


    What about The Hill? There is so much good food there.