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your a crazy mind reader, I was just watching this earlier today from netflix.

tiki god

Defying Gravity was by far one of the most promising sci-fi series on since Firefly. sadly, it was thrown to the way side and fucked by ratings.


that seems to happen alot, what is really sad is I always find out about the awesome shows after they are cancelled, maybe I should just sit in front of the tv 24/7 so I don’t miss anything.


Fucked by the ratings?
More like the ‘suits’.

Shuffled around on the schedule.
Like Firefly, it was preempted for ‘When kittens attack!’ or similar crap.
NO advertising, no commercials, no morning shows, etc…


I loved this show… For some reason they started airing it in the UK after the show had been cancelled in ‘Merika, so they showed it knowing no one would get to see the end.

Fukken troll’d by the BBC…