The world’s most dangerous sports

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    Whitewater rafted twice ftw.


    I grew up on a hill and my neighbour Anna and I used to slide down the frozen pathway on plastic bags during the winter. I’m pretty sure that’s the most dangerous activity I’ve ever taken part in. At the end of the pathway was a huge intersection and there’s no way to slow down when sliding on plastic bags without ripping off a toe or something.


    I really need to get SCUBA certified and go white water rafting.


    I’m certified, but what I really want to do is go ice diving although I think I would need different certification or training.


    SCUBA is awesome. I’ve been certified for about 15 years and have been on some amazing dives. I highly recommend it (except night dives, freaky, dark, and stingy (the jellyfish)).


    Been white water rafting a couple of times, Canoed once and somethings similar to street luge-ing many times.

    teezy weezy





    In the middle east (or japan) that have a holiday sport where they build death kites and fly them, and they fight each others kites and shit. It’s crazy. I don’t know much about it but I remember finding out about it on some trivia game. If anyone knows more information I would love some linx.