Long and winding roads

rds.jpg (1 MB)

nice res, anyone know location?

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    I really love that they elevated the roadway instead of bulldozing and blasting through the wilderness.


    That’s how you know it’s not a westernised country, lol


    I wanna say it’s the H-3 in Honolulu, but I don’t know. Too much flat land in the distance. And haze. A portion of the H-3 is elevated like that, though, as I recall.


    Location? Just a wild guess, but I’d say “Earth”.

    Could be wrong……


    I think it is Imigrantes Road, from São Paulo to Santos, the largest port in Brasil.

    I’m not 100% sure, but this really looks like that


    I think you may be right, a lot of places on that road where this could happen, at least it seems so with my quick perusal of Google Maps.


    Looks to me like the border of one country that drives on the right side of the road, and another that drives on the correct side of the road. (The Left side 😉 )

    I’ve seen pictures of a few of these, but I don’t recognise this one.

    Professor Ratbaggy

    🙂  I think it’s actually one roadway into town and one roadway out.  Keeping opposite direction traffic separated for fewer prangs, and idiots can’t suddenly change their minds about where they’re headed and do a u-turn.


    Yes, separating each direction is very common, but crossing the two directions over is not as common. I’m assuming that if you panned down past the bottom of the image the roads would join again, but with traffic driving on the left had side of the road.
    (Do a Google Image Search for the Hongkong-China Bridge)

    Bob Marley

    certainty is the highway of Immigrants in the Serra do Mar – São Paulo – Brazil.
    check out google earth 23° 54’1 .11 “S 46° 28’5 .95” W
    I’ve burned a weed there. nice trip lol