Student Loan Scheme

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    Basically studying screws you over.

    Unless mommy and daddy give you their hard-earned cash.


    It’s insanity. After dealing w/ my students loans (which were nothing compared to what’s going on now), I decided my kids wouldn’t have them. They work; I work, grants, scholarships and fellowships. It took ‘me a little longer, but they made it through w/ almost no debt. I’m broke, so those little fuckers better take good care of me in my dotage.


    The Australian Government also has a student loan scheme. Basically as long as you are eligible, the government will pay all but the few hundred dollars or so in admin fees that a University charges, and you pay it off once your earning money. Like the US scheme, this debt is immune to bankruptcy. Unlike the US scheme however, there is no interest, the debt is “indexed” to match inflation, but doesn’t have any other fees. You also have no deadline to pay it off, you can have the debt your entire life. In order to force people to pay… Read more »


    -_- Student loans are death. I worked during the summer and had two fucking part time jobs while I was in college, and I still have $75k of debt. Because I had to go to a “better school” so I could go on to a good grad. school. Now I can’t afford graduate school until I pay off some of that debt. I’m trying to get a job, but have been rejected from at least 3 because I have a college degree. So I went to college to get a degree to get a better paying job and now the… Read more »


    I find it sardronic, because I myself are trying my hardest to get-into that country of yours. While I am enjoying one of the best government healthcare in the world and a no-interest up front student loan for up to 7 years (10 if i’m doing med) that I only need to repay after I earn more than 39,900 per year. I don’t mean to step on your pennies, rather this is a comparative case study. I don’t mean to yank-bash either; I actually sympathize what a lot of Americans have to go through and how hard life can be.… Read more »


    also noticed Dacheetah’s post, you’re meant to say ‘free tertiary education’

    But yes, with due respect, we don’t intend to flaunt because the trade surpluses in our country are only generated by an unsustainable (very lucky) mining industry where we export coal and iron and other non-renewable resources.

    Which given our 22 million population (with 4.7 in Sydney), compared to california of almost-37 million. You can see how these luxuries are afforded to us


    Oh, no offense taken in the least. I’m a student of culture. I have my B.S. in anthropology, I’ve studied culture, archaeology (what I’d like to get into), evolution, and everything along those lines. The problem is America doesn’t actually appreciate history that much and it’s something our government has cut budgets on in an extreme fashion. I’ve called all of the local museums and historic Native American burial sites around and the answer is always the same thing: the government funding for them was cut and they had to lay off 2/3rds of their staff, so they’re relying on… Read more »


    Let’s drop the federal bank interest rates to 1.0%

    Get your very own mortgage!!


    The US Fed Bank dropped it to 0 in an attempt to help with the mortgage crisis a couple years ago. It’s why Bank of America is one of the most profitable companies right now. They borrowed the money and turned around and bought government bonds with it. They’re cashing in on those bonds now. It’s like printing free money.

    Luke Magnifico

    Free education.

    Feels good man.


    I sure am hating my dirty socialist European free education right now.


    The system is so fucked. No wonder this country is slowly swirling down the drain.


    I’m $20,000 in SL debt, which is fine and shouldn’t be too hard to pay off if you pick the right degree. My ex girlfriend decided that she wanted to go to Baptist bible College for three years before starting her RN. She’s in over $100,000. She chose poorly and will be paying on it the rest of her life. I think if I ever have kids I’d offer them a free new car and tuition if they get their lower level courses done at a community college or branch campus. It’s be cheaper than boarding at even a state… Read more »

    Alec Dalek

    You can get them to do just about anything for a car.

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