Ines Sainz Demotivational Poster

ines-sainz-ny-jets-ines-sainz-demotivational-poster-1284393657.jpg (102 KB)

NOM Ines Sainz

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    MMM ASS.


    I love jeans-colored paint.


    I can’t say as I have ever been sexually harassed; I do not know what they did to her. But Damn if she isn’t a bit on the appealing side.


    She wasn’t the one to complain, another female reporter (who I assume was less attractive) heard it and complained for her.

    Go figure.

    tiki god

    It doesn’t matter what she was wearing or what she looks like, no one deserves to be the focus of such ridiculous sexual harassment.

    Luke Magnifico

    That attitude, right there, is exactly why MCS is having problems.


    who are you and what have you dont to Tiki?





    nice shitter


    I must admit, If I didn’t want to be the focus of attention and I looked like that, I wouldn’t wear those pants –

    This may explain what so many female reporters wear pants suits.


    Agreed. There is a controversy about Turks dressing slutty vs rape. The girls insist on “expressing themselves”. What they aren’t understanding is that for every action, there is a reaction. I don’t know this reporter, and I dont know how it went down. I do know that if a female wears tight jeans that leave nothing to the imagination to a football game where she will be interviewing strong, famous, rich and attractive football players, then she definitely knew what she was doing. I think what it really comes down to is double standards. If a guy gets hit on,… Read more »