Movie Helicopter Physics

helicoptermoviephysics.jpg (101 KB)

Does anyone else get the shits when they see this

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    Luke Magnifico

    No. You’re the only one who cares.


    Yeah, it’s stupid, but that’s movie logic.

    Just like exploding cars and/or rocket launchers knocking people over. It used to draw me out of the movie, but at some point I just said “fuck it,” and decided that movie physics aren’t the same as reality physics. I mean, if I can accept that Darth Vader can use an invisible Force to choke people, I can accept this.


    My dad was a CH-47 pilot. He told me about the time his flight class went to see the Bond film “You Only Live Twice”. When the big heli shootout scene was on, the whole place was calling BS. I guess a whole theater full of chopper pilots just couldn’t suspend their disbelief.


    Of course the Lotus that turned into a submarine was totally believable. And you can land a bomber on the ocean without it breaking up like in Thunderball.

    This is like people bitching that Superman’s flying wasn’t realistic.
    You want accuracy? Watch a documentary on PBS.

    Plus – the main rotor thrust is DOWN the movement of the copter is up.


    Really? What about rigid rotor systems (ie Lockheed AH-56 Cheyenne) that can fly inverted? That was 1960’s technology, imagine what’s possible now.

    Personally, I have a problem with movies that drop a character into something like a Harrier, and they take to it like it was a nothing. Yeah, sure, but whatever.

    Oh, and cool story bro.


    Actually, the Lotus was operational as a submarine.


    I’m weird like this, but this helicopter thing doesn’t bother me too much.

    When I went to see the new Resident Evil, my first complaint about it was how the satellite in Goddamn space could hear voices.

    What the fuck?! How?!

    The zombies and the superpowers I was fine with however.


    holy shit, movies aren’t real?


    Also: heavier-than-air flight is just a myth.


    Because of the scary complicated adjustments that can be made to the blades of the rotor, helicopters main rotor force doesn’t have to be perfectly perpendicular to the helicopter itself. That said, it can’t change it THAT far, and would be moving forwards VERY quickly. Also, if a rabbit hits one of those rotors, the chopper is probably going down, a person in the blades would crash it for sure.


    A rabbit?

    Is this a common problem for helicopter pilots?


    It’s a metaphor. There’s plenty of cases of helo’s getting grounded or crashing from birds hitting a rotor or even the fuselage of the vehicle.

    Trim characteristics of the main rotor can adjust for crosswinds, noise control, and some acceleration, but certainly not on the order of Hollywood’s scale.


    If main rotor thrust component along the vertical is equal to the weight
    then the heli will hover, and as long as the other component in the horizontal direction is greater than drag, then the heli will move forward. I don’t see a problem here.


    I was watching Star Wars, and the fact that the laser bolts moved about as fast as a speeding rubber band sure did detract from the movie experience. And also movies where the hero never takes time out of his busy schedule to take a shit or piss, nor does he seem to eat in order to keep up his energy.

    Also dual wielding.


    More movies should be like Crank, where keeping up the energy is a must.


    I agree, but only like the first one.


    The debate over whether “blasters” are even supposed to BE lasers has been raging for 33 years…why stop now?

    Also, I believe Michael Bay can satisfy your scatological action hero needs.


    Oh, you mean like the new director’s cut of Empire Strikes Back back where everyone stands around awkwardly while Han takes a dump before they go out to explore the “cave”. 😉

    teezy weezy

    *News flash*

    Movies are NOT real, get over it you fags.


    this doesn’t drive me nearly as crazy as when police helicopters are flown under 100 feet during a chase scene.


    I do this all the time in GTA IV, so it HAS to be possible IRL! 😛


    It’s hard to tell with all the pixelation on the image.
    I’m going to use my computer to enhace it so I can see a reflection in the victims eye…

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I had the same complaint about Jurassic Park. None of my dinosaurs worked at all. I just ended up with frog guts and museum souvenirs all over the fucking place. I should hang out with the guy who made this picture so we can contact Hollywood’s head office in Hollywood and ask Mr Hollywood to fix these things. Its just sloppy and dangerously misleading.


    I am proud at the blantant apathy and cynicism running around in this thread.

    It’s bad enough to notice this shit in the first place but to then draw a diagram and threaten violence? stfu and enjoy the movie asshole.


    Just enjoy the fucking movies and stop over-analyzing them, dickwad.


    It doesn’t bug me as bad as 2 guys on the opposite ends of a 20 foot long and 4 foot wide hall way firing fully automatic weapons at each other and missing. I really want to walk out the theater when I see that.

    Or in the punisher when the wife flips the car, I mean really wtf was on the road?

    and as someone said about enhancing pictures in movies, some how the FBI always can take a 2 megapixel picture and “clear it up” and make it full HD.


    I can’t see your point, this image needs to be enhanced


    I just hate it when that random strangers seem to know the choreography in musicals.


    Once you figure out how fucking magnets work,
    then you can lecture us on the flight dynamics of fucking helicopters.


    Reality check: MOVIES ARE NOT REAL!

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