Meg Whitman

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Anyone who spends $119,000,000 to get a job that pays $200,000/year obviously has ulterior motives. The only votes I think she’ll get are the TV sheeple votes so hopefully this November, California won’t embarrass itself by electing her into office. And do you really think we can we trust somebody(anybody) who’s endorsed by Dick Cheney?

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    At this point I am not voting for either one.


    Definitely not voting for her. You’re not even Californian, Maya. I wish I were though, just so I could not vote for her.



    Jesus Christ

    I adore costume jewelery. Because of this woman, I’m throwing all of mine away.


    Is that Anastasia Blue’s Mom ? it looks a hell of a lot like her


    This is the same state that voted for both Schwarzenegger & Reagan as governor. Even Gary Coleman got votes. I’m never surprised when California does something stupid.


    The best thing I have ever heard on radio was when she was called “Nut-Meg” live on the air, but the blossoming politician in her kept her on message and that was that. But seriously, it if wasn’t for my family & significant other, I’d move out of California in a heartbeat. Yeah, knowing the beach is 10 minutes away is nice, but the fact that everyone and their mother goes there whenever the sun comes out keeps me from going there anyways. Anyways, the majority of every tax dollar goes to pay a government employee and as long as… Read more »



    fracked again

    The problem with socialism is that the US does a shitty job of it. And Reagan was a zombie the first time around.


    The problem with socialism is that everyone does a shitty job of it. The only people that socialism ever works for is those who are too fucking lazy to lift a solitary finger to get what they want or need. “Fuck it! Someone else should just give me that.”

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Vote for whoever you want, Californians. Just don’t fuck up on Prop 19 or I’ll fire up my earthquake machine.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    She’s pro life, pro gay marriage, was the president of ebay and thinks global warming initiatives should be investigated before too much money is wasted.

    Why exactly do you guys hate her? Or is it just a hey there’s a white person let’s get’em thing as usual?

    She even said she’d dump her Goldman Sachs shares if elected into a blind trust fund.

    Is it because she was/is successful?


    Anyone that had a eBay account under her dictatorship would be able to tell you why not to vote for her. There are a lot of good reasons you should not vote for her here on this thread, just pick any one of them. She fits the mold for a politician perfectly. You can tell she is lying, her lips are moving. And I love the credit she is taking for making eBay susccessful. That is like saying water is wet and I did it. Me. I made water wet. You should vote for me. Too bad the choices are… Read more »