Stewart -v- Colbert

Rally in DC
Get ready to ruuuuuuuumble!

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    Colbert can deliver a joke. Stewart is just embarrassing to watch.

    nobody knows

    Right on.


    amen. i said this a while ago on the first post with the march and rally, but like 10 people didnt like it. hahahaha SUCK IT DOORKNOBS.


    Yeah, his jokes are alright, but he comes off overly fake to me. Falseness just emanates from him. I don’t like that kind of people. Stewart is bad when telling a joke or trying to be silly, but when he is serious, or at least dead-pan sarcastic, he is awesome.


    Two different comedy styles, even if they seem to overlap at times, Colbert is more like /b/, while Stewart is Slashdot users.

    I prefer Stewart, it’s a more balanced informative/comedy style.

    An King

    I’ve been on the daily show.


    I heard that show was full of jokes.

    fracked again

    Being in the audience and being briefly seen during a pan of the audience is not being on the daily show.


    There is no pan.


    Stewart is just Colberts opening act


    John Stewart Rocks! He made Colbert what he is today.
    Colbert started on the Daily Show and branched out.
    Without the Daily Show there would be no Colbert Report.

    nobody knows

    please go die.


    I like the Daily Show. Colbert is too corny for me, but I can see how people like him.

    Stewart can really call out some of his guests on their idiocy and contradictions.


    Without Stewart there would be no Colbert.


    If you record Colbert’s show, you’ll find his slow delivery makes watching at double-speed preferable, worth the 11 minutes per show. Stewart talks and delivers content too fast for double-speed.


    You’re kidding, aren’t you? Watch Stewart some time and count how many times he lapses into long silences before he makes a point, that’s when he’s not making retarded faces, trying to display shock at the news he’s just witnessed in a clip.

    Stewart isn’t all bad, but comedy is really not his strong side.


    People generally speak at 120/150 words per minute but can comprehend at 600/700 wpm. To Colbert’s credit, he enunciates clearly, distinctly, with a common vocabulary, that can heard comfortably at double-speed. Double-speeding Stewart tends to require too many replays for comprehension, due a more rapid delivery and varied vocabulary, even with his gaps and forced chuckles. Skipping Colbert’s commercials, intro, applause, trailer, and at double speed trims off 19 minutes, for the 11 minutes of “Colbert truthiness”, with no discernible loss of quality. Aside from the advertisers, why take offense? I figure the skip and double-speed saves 5.5 hours/month, half… Read more »


    Or sit back and enjoy both shows for what they offer.


    have you ever watched Jon Stewart…. on weed?