United States of Cheap Beer

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    tiki god

    falls city beer is from kentucky, not florida.


    I want to try it now though


    Speaking of beer, I tried to donate $25 to Tiki’s beer fund, but now even the donate button is broken 🙁

    tiki god

    you could just send it from your paypal interface 🙂

    adam@tikiwebgroup.com I think


    okey-dokey, shipped


    Leinies should be where Grain Belt is.


    Blatz was a fucking awesome punk rock band.

    that is all.


    Hell, just ought to call it cheap-assed beer made by G Heileman. They did Blatz, Blitz-Weinhard, Drewry’s, Falls City, Grain Belt, National Bohemian, Red Label, Stag( Southern Illinois), Old Style (Chicago area), Olympia, and Rainier and a pantload more. Working for them back in the midwest, they made 26 labels of beer with 5 recipes. All of it cheap, all of it sucked. All had huge brand/label loyalty even if it was all the same watery piss in different cans. rant over, back to criticizing the image. I don’t think Genessee has quite the market penetration up here in New… Read more »


    Who knew.. Stroh’s bought G-Heileman and now makes 28! lables reviewed at beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/447/ (thank you google) nothing rating higher than a C+ and unless they changed the recipe, Stag is not that good! and Old Milwaukee Non Alcoholic Low Alcohol Beer WTF?!?!? Ballantine XXX Ale American Pale Ale (APA) 4.85 C+ 135 Big Bear Malt Liquor American Malt Liquor 7.50 D+ 15 Black Label Beer American Adjunct Lager 4.00 D+ 53 Blatz Beer American Adjunct Lager 4.90 C- 77 Blatz Light Light Lager 3.50 C- 6 Champale Golden American Malt Liquor 5.40 D 5 Colt 45 Double Malt Liquor American… Read more »

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