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Is there anyone not transfixed by fire? When we do an outside burn or throw logs in the fireplace, there is no need for TV, radio or *gasp* the internet.

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    Absolutely. Actually anything that has to do with the elements. Especially when it’s devastating. For example when there’s a rainstorm, I look outside and I’m like fuck yeah, apocalypse, lemme go outside and pretend the world is ending. But when I wake up and the sun is shining and everything is very quiet it’s more like, meh what’s on TV. Or no, I don’t have one, so rather what’s on Youtube.


    FUCK YEAH, put on some classical music and watch it all go to hell


    Huh, I’m glad I’m not the only one with such thoughts, I thought I was nuts. I remember back in 1998, Puerto Rico got hit really hard by a hurricane (I actually lost my house lol), and while everybody else was all hysterical during the storm, I was looking at how the palm trees looked like they were playing limbo, and listening to the howling sounds the wind was making.




    Standing outside arms spread in a New Mexico thunderstorm. The rain hammers on you, thunder shakes you to the core. Gone as quickly as they blow in, leave you shivering and cleansed.
    Gaze into the fire and read the secrets of the universe, forgetting them as quickly as you learn them.
    It is how my Gods speak to me.