My other pet! :)

getto 006.JPG (2 MB)

I’d have tied this in with my other post of my dog but i didn’t think at the time..
Then and now pics of my leopard gecko conveniently named Gex.
Don’t know the sex yet.. still a bit premature to be able to tell.
first pic from April this year
second pic from the beginning of August.

As you can tell it’s come a long way in 4 months, started off with a small appetite, lack of calcium and D2(think that’s the name) in diet and quite bad shedding.
The appetite problem is solved and shedding problem has virtually gone now, sometimes have to help but nowhere near as bad as what it was.. on a good diet that’s properly dusted but limbs still seem a bit weak.
Was nice to nurse the little thing back to health.. just glad i didn’t have to go to the vets at any point because I’d have had to sell an organ :/

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    It’s September already?


    Behold mighty Gecko from the Future!


    Nice job with the Leopard. I personally preferred the Day geckos, but they’re all awesome.


    stick it in your ass



    tiki god

    dude, 2 mb images.


    Super Loco



    If there’s a better “I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE” pic out there, I’ve never seen it.

    Jesus Christ

    Cute little gecko you got there. Thank you for taking such good care of them. Most people would’ve given up like assholes. <3 Jesus loves all animals and likes people who take exceptional care of their pets.


    I love Jesus.