angelina jolie is gozer

angelina jolie is gozer

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    Is this real? I want it to be so I won’t google it. I’m also gullible enough to believe it if anyone says so.


    I’m not gonna click on that.


    No, Nope, Never, Sorry, Wrong, Not gonna happen, in your dreams


    I’m not gonna acknowledge that.

    Shut up you’re not The Key Master.

    I can’t hear you.


    “Aim for the fish lips!”


    I think you meant “aim for the flat top”.


    I can make a more convincing poster in Paint.


    Hey! It’s that one guy on the internet who says what he can do instead of doing it! Hi!


    I can do alot more than that. I’m an expert fighter with over a million flawless victories and a superb breakdancer, mind you.

    And I draw and paint too. Da Vinci ain’t got shit on me.


    Pics or it didn’t happen.


    damn chinese/Puerto rican assholes 😐


    Hey apparently Dan Aykroyd has been reviewing draft scripts for the 3rd film. It’s only rumour but it would be cool though.


    see reply to post 9


    Sexed up Vigo the Scourge of Carpathia. Me like it.
    But she still needs some burgers.


    Just let the dead rest…


    Far too much information for a teaser. That is where you went wrong. Should only have a Ghostbusters logo on it this early on.




    Oh, look. Even more of the overrated fish-lipped freak..

    Inpho Sys

    Ghostbusters 3 … Release date 2012

    I don’t think Angelina will be in it. The whole cast is still very up in the air. Check out the IMDb link.


    technically, the recent videogame was the third movie. It followed the original storyline, and included practically the entire cast (voice).
    I’ve seen these guys this day in age, a little to old and hefty to be running around New York in a proton pack. There is at least one indi flick out there as well. The videogame (xbox and ps3 if it had it) was awesome.


    A recent interview with Bill Murray pretty much underlined exactly why this won’t happen, or at least with him: the movie is being written by the “geniuses” behind that twenty-ton kidney stone of a film Year One. Not the greatest start ever. Aykroyd has been the only one talking this up over the past few years, and hey, I would too if the only decent thing I’d made in the last decade was some passable vodka. Still, I like the idea of ***SPOILERS?*** Dana(and Venkman)’s son Oscar being one of the new recruits, and Murray having a cameo as a… Read more »

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