24 Hours of Uptime! (sorta)

Ok, MCS has been up for 24 hours straight, with only a few moments of server downtime due to me messing around with a new site that I’m hacking together.  To celebrate, I’m drinking and chatting in the IRC room.

As you may have noticed, the submissions engine is down.  Guess what was causing all the downtime in the last week?  yeah, that.

it makes me sad, but the server that mcs is on just can’t handle the awesomeness that the submissions were bringing, so I’ve ordered some new hardware and will be moving files and databases over this weekend.  Then I’ll turn on the submissions engine again.  Until then, please enjoy some posts from Tikibot.

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    I submitted too many wallpapers at once and blew it up.

    When dropdown comments come back, I`ll jizz all over myself.


    Oooo A nature wallpaper site. Now where have I seen those before? ^^^^^^^




    it was casemods karma. too much of that, and bad things will happen.


    It’s because YOU LET THE DOGS OUT! WHO! WHO WHO!


    Tiki, do you have some stats about viewers location? Like google analytics?

    Morning in Europe – all is OK. Few hours after (when America wakes up?) suddenly all is 500 & 503 🙁


    Also, cannot subnit new, great content:
    You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.


    I hope this is the right page, you can go here for that:


    At the bottom.

    “top visitor countries: past week”

    264200: United States
    28300: Canada
    23300: United Kingdom
    13050: Australia
    9400: Germany
    5850: Italy
    5000: Brazil
    4700: Mexico
    3950: New Zealand
    3850: Netherlands

    Also, yeah he said he had to disable the submission engine for a while which means nobody can submit anything but him.

    Rainy Europe here.