Halloween Costumes

081020_costume.png (119 KB)

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    Tiki: When I click on an image (SFW) it takes me to the full sized img, but with all of the NSWF ads. I was showing my co-workers the trailer on fire, and up came a set of nuts and some cam whore – along with the pickup attached to the fire.

    Can you please fix that?

    tiki god

    hey man, this really isn’t the place for that kind of shit.


    ? ?

    True, but I’m unaware of a better way to get a hold of you. I limit my MCS to the pics, the forums are to scary.

    Since you’ve gone to some length to keep SFW & NSFW seperate, I thought you want to know. But meh

    Please be advised not everyone is a hipster faggot and anyone with a brain will just roll their eyes at you and regret being dragged to your lame “party” at your rented shithole apartment.

    Somebody isn’t welcome at parties anymore.

    Oh sorry did I just describe you and everyone you know perfectly?

    No I didn’t. Because to be a true hipster faggot you would need to borrow money from your parents so you could move to ‘the big city’ (whichever one is closest to your nowhere where you live now).

    You’re a wanna be hipster faggot. That’s really pathetic.

    You are so cute when you act all superior to people who, well, actually have friends IRL.