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After posting Magnum I wanted to post my cat as well.
This is Milo (or Milly) and I got him when I was thirteen, about six years ago now. I found him living in one of those big trash bins out the back of a Chinese restaurant. He had no collar and was pitch black with dirt at the time, and according to the nice woman who worked at the restaurant, he’d been living in the bin for about two months, ever since he was a really young kitten, living in the bin to keep out of the rain and eating the shops leftovers. So I brought him home with me.
He was pretty scared of humans, and having two dogs there at the time (a kelpie and a shitsu) didn’t help, so you often found him trying to kill the dogs with his tiny angry paws of fury, but our dogs were way to nice to hurt him, To this day I still have little faint white lines where he sliced my arms, but after about a month he stopped being a little ratbag and became a perfect little housecat that would always sleep on my bed and pounce around when I got home from school. He still tries to take on dogs though, poor Magnum just wants to be his friend.

He was my best friend through all the hard years of highschool and all the problems with my family and honestly, I need him more than he needs me.
(especially since the little bastard is far too pro at finding his own lunch, forgot to feed him one night, he had his revenge by eating a TIGER SNAKE on my goddamn bed while i was sleeping on it, left half of it there on my chest, worst thing to wake up to)

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    That was very sweet of you, giving him a home. And I loved the ending, little dude is hardcore.

    Super Loco

    Nice cat, good acting by giving him a home


    the half a tiger snake was a gift! my cat left me half a mouse once outside my bedroom door. i found that little gift on the way to the bathroom in the morning. he seemed upset that i just scraped it off my foot and flushed it.


    I think its about time you cleaned your tile floor.


    How in hell did you not wake up while the cat was eating a snake on your chest?!


    Cats are very furtive when they want to be, especially (once) feral cats. My kitty cannot be found if she doesn’t me to (which always freaks me out a bit, since cats will hide when they’re sick or injured). But, when I’m sleeping, or otherwise occupied, and she thinks it’s time for a snack, she jumps on me, as hard as possible. It’s really annoying in the middle of night and she jumps on my belly, right on my bladder. Somewhere along the line she learned that’s a guaranteed move to get me out of bed.