What do millions of dead baby fish look like?

What-do-millions-of-dead-baby-fish-look-like-Thanks-BP.jpg (337 KB)

Thanks, BP.

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    Something’s fishy…


    Well I’m depressed.

    Let’s go fishing…Oh.


    after staring at this for five minutes, I finally get it. I thought this was a picture of a parking lot, because all of that looks like cement. I was wondering what a boat would be doing sitting in the parking lot.


    ahhh that reminds me of the good old days on.
    a real hot sunny day there’s nothing quite like trying to cool off by diving and swimming off the docks then catching you’re lunch this water looks like cement or something


    BP gave you easy fish to eat, you should be greatful.


    were not petty scavengers like you, raccoon.


    Thanks, environmental whackos that drove drilling far offshore where it’s so much more hazardous to drill. Drilling in shallow water is so much easier and safer.


    How about some context?
    Where is this? When is this?


    Right on, rainman. You just made my day with the most ignorant comment I’ve read all week. Strong work sir! Take a gander at the shallow water drilling situation off the coast of Nigeria and get back to us on how nice it is there. Shell Oil and friends have killed a whole eco system. Safe indeed, unless you are a fish, or a bird, or a person who needs food and water to survive.


    at first I thought it was cement. that made me chuckle. then I read the title. that made me “oh.” then I saw the boat.


    Who’s talking about Nigeria, except you ?? This thread is about BP and the Gulf Of Mexico.


    You are talking about drilling in shallow water being easier and safer. I’m showing you where shallow water drilling is happening – a place without environmental whackos to stop it.


    Holy shit, I just thought the water had all dried up, or something.