some pics of my dog (theme day?)

DSCN6660.JPG (1 MB)

DSCN6354.JPG (964 KB)

DSCN6362.JPG (1 MB)

DSCN5627.JPG (984 KB)

Photo-0005 (6).jpg (396 KB)

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    madhouses visites

    is that an animal carcass near killer’s shoulder in pic 2?


    That’s call “wood”


    To be honest this post isn’t too bad. It also shows a relatively decent motorcycle in the last pic. BMW F650 I think. Jus’ sayin’.

    Donut Jesus

    Please stop posting pet pics. . .Really, just stop. . .No one should be doing this. . .Yo fuck your pets. . .

    lemon floor wax

    She looks pretty god dammed miserable. You’re a shitty owner to let her live in such a filthy house. Also, I bet you bought that bandanna at Ross, right?


    Dammit… I have that same Mt. Dew bandanna, now I have to burn it.


    Blue Heelers are fucking awesome, very smart dogs.