My pet cat.

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I haven’t submitted anything for a while so I thought I’d submit some pics of my cat.

Her name is Baldwin. She is my pride and joy. I got her as a kitten when I was ten years old. She’s ten years old now and some of the pics you see are of her out on her walks. She became indoor only when we moved out of my parents house and into an apartment.

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    black cats are the best kind


    She looks like a skinny version of my current cat with the name of my first cat! I like the cut of her jib.


    Yep, Baldwin was my first cat but he only lasted a little over a year and died mysteriously. Because of that we have no pictures, thus spurring us to take many of our subsequent cats.


    Cat on a leash? That is awesome.


    I’ve considered doing that w/ my current cat, but I waited too long and I don’t think I could get her into a harness w/o major bodily damage to myself. All my cats have been indoor/outdoor, but she’s deaf. I just didn’t feel ok w/ letting her out if she can’t hear and now I’ve had to declaw her. I was also considering a decent size cage that I could put her in when we’re all outside at a bbq or something. Prolly all moot anyway, she seems a happy cat, well as happy as a an abused cat can… Read more »


    Not really Looks like he wants to kill himself


    My cat also go’s out on a harness. He’s always been an indoor cat but he does enjoy sitting out doors for hours on end and even manages to catch birds despite being on a tether.. I suppose in the long run it was good he’s an indoor cat since im living in an apartment now. He used to be pretty spooked but now he’ll sit out on the balcony and hand rail (which is 2by4 lumber so its quite wide enough). I still keep him in the harness in the highly unlikely event of him going over the side.… Read more »


    I could submit your kitty’s pics in place of two of my cats and no one would know the difference. They all look alike 😉


    christ if i put a leesh on either of my cats they would bolt around flipping out till it came off…

    purdy cat tho