Thor the Puppy

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Thought I’d join the fun with my teacup poodle Thor. He is quite dramatic and spent most of his time with the cone in that corner looking sad.

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    Second last photo, aww. Stupid cone of shame. He’s adorable and whomever decorated that room has really good taste. Also is the black blob with tail the fat cat you mentioned? I wish we could see more of the blob with tail but your puppy is ridiculously cute so I’m happy for now.


    All these dog submissions are making me mad at my room mate and his stupid cats that will not get along with dogs.

    tiki god

    I’ve never met a cat that didnt like dogs


    Cats can be traumatized by events.


    He is positively and wonderfully fluffy. I’d love to give him a hug.


    that cocoa color is absolutely adaaaaawable

    Donut Jesus

    This new pet pic trend is LAME! I’ve kept quiet long enough. . .Please, please stop. . .Take an objective step back and really look at what you’re doing. . .

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    ok. I’m objectively watching myself submit a picture of my dog now.

    You’re stupid.

    Donut Jesus

    Meow. . .

    Space Odin

    he is a pretty bitchin dog, you should have posted the pic of him inside the teacup

    Donut Jesus

    Or inside a Chinese to-go box. . .