Which gun should I buy?

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I am thinking of buying a gun and these are the ones I am leaning towards. the top one is a Springfield Armory XDM and the bottom is a FNH FNP. also should I get a .45 or a 9mm? discuss.




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    save your money and give your folks a good example: dont buy a gun


    The Springfield Armory one looks cooler…

    But polymer is for fags…

    Metal be best for pistol whipin’


    Buy a tarus pt945 its a .45 very nice feel. Go with a .45 over a 9mm unless you want to do a drive by and want more shots. I would rather have more knock down power. Better aim, less shots. I have 9 shots in my gun any more then that I’m in a war or I can’t aim for shit.


    Why do you want to get one anyway?


    I have an FNP-45, and its a solid gun. I only bought it because of the military discount, and I could pick it up at the plant in Columbia, SC (got a plant tour with it). I also like the XD-45. If they were the same price I would probably go with the XD-45.

    Also, .45 ACP all the way. I’m not one of those “9mm is for pussies!” types, but I’d recommend the .45.


    How much shooting do you intend to do? 9mm is way cheaper than .45 if money is a concern.

    I like how the XD feels in my hand. I haven’t held the FNP, but I don’t think you’ll go wrong with either one.

    The XD pistols used to come with a pretty nice accessory pack for free. If that’s still on, that would sway my vote.


    Here in Europe noone is “thinking about buying a gun”. WTF is wrong with you people?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    There in Europe you’re not allowed.

    What’s wrong? No what is right with those “people”.

    Quit being so scared of the world or fuck off.


    You really like those guns lying around? Well then you get what you deserve. Watch some more Fox News and go round and shoot the basterds.


    because in Switzerland they are issued.


    – shoot yourself in the face with both at the same time and then tell us which one does a better job. either way it’s a win-win.

    Donut Jesus

    If you’ve never shot a handgun, or at least a 9mm or .45 caliber, go with the .45. . .You will appreciate the feedback from the gun and it’s striking power. There are drawbacks, however. . .Ammunition is more expensive for the .45 and there’s less capacity in the magazine. . .As for the pieces, I really think it’s simply a matter of which one feels more comfortable in your hand. . .If you want a handgun, buy one. . .Don’t listen to those above negating gun ownership. Our culture is inundated with guns, it is your right to own and carry one, and moreover, they are a pleasure to shoot. . .So long as they’re aimed at inanimate objects. . .


    For my conceal/carry gun I chose the Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm Compact. I picked it because ammunition is less expensive and usually easy to find, and it holds 15 cartridges in the magazine instead of 8. Calibre doesn’t matter that much, it’s shot placement (I know you’ve heard this before).


    The XD is a janky bag of dicks and the FNP is nice, but the DA trigger pull sucks.

    If you want something cheap to shoot, but still good for personal defense, get a Glock 22/23. .40 S&W is a good middle ground as far as calibers go, plus you get get a Lone Wolf conversion barrel for 100 bucks that will let you shoot 9mm out of it. Use the 9mm for blasting on the cheap and when you want to shoot .40, swap the barrels and your done.


    Depends on what your purpose of the weapon is. Concealed carry? Open carry? Home defense? Target/marksmanship?
    Not one pistol can serve every purpose. .45 makes a great home defense round as it is a slower round and has less tendency to go through your neighbor’s house. 9mm are zippy and a typical pistol can hold a larger number of rounds, but their stopping power is always up for debate. Have you considered the .40 S&W?
    How do they pistols feel? Have you shot either? I love the traditional and proven FN styling, as well as the balance that an all metal pistol gives (polymers tend to be top-heavy for me, which allows the muzzle to walk up and away from the target more easily).
    There are a lot of factors here. Cost is another.


    Go with the FN in 45 or 9. Each has their good and bad points.

    9 you will get larger capacity, 45 will get you a bit more stopping power. find yourself a local pistol range that rents the firearms by the hour and see for yourself which would be better.

    And also, lol for the Euro-response.

    Germans who wish to use firearms should join the SS or the SA – ordinary citizens don’t need guns, as their having guns doesn’t serve the State.
    Heinrich Himmler


    The first one is trying waaaaaay too hard. Overly decorated and douchy. Might as well get something like this: online.wsj.com/article/NA_WSJ_PUB:SB124767182710345831.html


    I say an M&P in 40.

    Super Loco

    I say Desert Eagle or Magnum 357.


    Damn, those things used to be $600-700 just a few years ago. I think the gold one was only $1500.

    You should buy a Judge. Everybody needs a 410/45 Colt handgun. Do it. DOOOO EEEEETTTTT!


    Between the 2, I’d go with the XD. I have several friends that swear by this gun and I’ve found it very comfortable to shoot.

    As for caliber, as many others here have mentioned it depends on use and preference. I went middle ground with a .40.

    When I bought mine I researched for about a month and narrowed it down to the Springfield XD and the IMI Baby Desert Eagle (sometimes called a Jericho). In the end I went with the Eagle and the same friends who swore by the XD have threatened to run away with said gun after putting a clip or two through it.

    Do not go with a Glock if this is your first handgun. They skimp on safety features for “ease of use” and should be avoided if you are not yet well versed in handgun safety.


    My troll senses are tingling. I think this is a sock of casemod.


    I would go with the XD. The chest beaters talk about the “knockdown power” of the .45 versus the lowly 9mm, yet for all the Bravado, after a long exhausting study the FBI (people who use handguns to regularly cap mothe***) found that there was no difference between the two. Get the XD9, you’ll appreciate being able to tailor the grip to fit your hand, the 19+1 capacity, and the fact that you can afford to practice with it regularly. Shot Placement is KING, Penetration is Queen, and 1/10th or less diameter in the bullet ain’t gona mean 1 bit of difference if you can’t hit what you’re aiming at. That beastly .45 is a liability siting in the safe if you don’t regularly practice.

    That said, the .45 is weak medicine compared to the GODLY 10mm AUTO whose design was passed via divine revelation to the engineers at NORMA.


    I didn’t like the XD very much, it felt like a cheaper glock (i suppose it kinda is). Somehow a friend royally fuxored it putting the slide back on, causing the frame to bow out and stick solid. It has to go back to springfield for repair. I haven’t had any experience with FN.
    I recommend .40s&w if it’s an option. It has good speed and knockdown power. a .45 will hit hard, but 9mm is very common so it’s easier to come by when Z-day hits and your scrounging for ammo. If your goin for springfield and .45, I would recommend any one of their 1911 models. A good solid steel frame, and a design that has been proven for nearly 100 years.


    I advise the Glock 19, in 9mm. Most popular 9mm in the world.
    Most dependable service gun there is.
    I’ve had mine over 10 years, and not one misfire, and it’s easy to field strip and clean.


    I’m a Glock fan my self, but out of those two, get the XDm, unless you like DA/SA trigger setting. FNP isn’t bad, but the trigger kind of sucks.


    FNP 45. You can get the tricked out .mil variant of it and mount a MRDS on it, and it comes with a threaded bbl for mounting a can on it.

    The XD is nice too. Both are very ergonomic.
    The SW MP series are nice too, but probably better for smaller hands.


    I would get the xdm. just watched a show the other day of them putting it through some hard testing and it was still able to fire hundreds of rounds afterwards.

    and I like 9mm. its cheaper and there will be a lot more of it in the zombie apocalypse.

    Professor Ratbaggy

    Spend your money on something worthwhile.  Buy a musical instrument and learn to play it.

    What if he’s not a fucking faggot?

    btw a dildo is not a musical instrument just because you like to put it in your mouth.


    Just buy a Glock you will just end up with one anyway.


    I’ll throw in my two cents for Glocks as well. I own them in 9mm (G19), .40 S&W (G23), and .45 ACP (G21). All are excellent shooters: ergonomically friendly, accurate, durable, and extremely easy to maintain. I also really like that fact that every pull of the trigger feels the same: first, second,… last.

    Caliber should be more of a consideration. What will be the primary purpose of the handgun? The 9mm will be the least expensive by far, WRT to ammo costs. However, if concealed carry or home defense are your reasons for buying, that cartridge is at the very bottom end of recommended stopping power. The .45 ACP is fun to shoot and not a lot more expensive. However, for personal protection, it is prone to over penetration, and it will be much harder to justify using that large a caliber for self-defense in a court of law. The .40 S&W will be the most expensive cartridge and, arguably, the least comfortable to shoot for extended periods. (It has a much steeper impulse spike than either the 9mm or .45.) OTOH, it is the best compromise as a self-defense round and widely accepted as such (both in and out of court.) For self-defense, it would be the caliber I’d recommend.

    – Mark C. NRA Handgun Instructor


    What are your thoughts on using a Kahr arms chambered for a 40 S&W?


    Just a quick observation…. I never really liked the feel of the XD. It just never set right in my grip. That and the wife, who is still quite gun-shy but warming nicely, was really uncomfortable with the safety setup.

    I bought a Taurus 24/7 tactical chambered in .40. I like the feel and design system. The safety impressed the wife, although we really never lock it all the way down, as a home defense gun it needs to be accessible. A touch long for concealed carry, but do able. Also a life time repair/replace warranty is nice. Unfortunately I have had to use the warranty already, when I first bought and cleaned it a small spring popped and had to send it in to be remounted. They paid shipping both ways and got it back to me in 3 weeks. I was quite happy.


    I’ve shot my friend’s XD9 before and loved how it felt. Just saw the XDM9 at a gun show this past weekend and wanted it, but went for a mosin-nagant and a mossberg 500 instead. My next gun purchase will probably be the XDM .45.


    My brother has the XD in 45, I have fired it. It seemed a little small to me, but I was raised on 1911s in the Navy. Personally I am a lot more comfortable and accurate with my Taurus 357mag revolver.

    Best advice : go to a range and try out both weapons, in as many calibers as you can. Go with what feels most comfortable.


    aim time and kick back is definitely an issue. With a larger amount of kickback, re-aim time goes up by seconds, which in close quarters is the difference between putting another round in your assailant and getting stabbed. Also an issue is target practice and ammo price. Smaller caliber rounds are always cheaper, meaning you will be able to practice with your weapon more; along side the fact that with a smaller caliber round you will be able to fire more rounds before your assailant is within arms reach, negating the need to put all your chances of downing an assailant on one bullet. Go with the smaller caliber gun, large caliber weapons are for people who watch too much TV.


    Lemurian: except that you then have to explain why you shot dude 5 times. To someone who does not shoot, 5 rounds sounds like a lot. With a .45 or .50, unless you are really bad ass, it is.

    5 rounds with a 9mm is not a lot, and could easily be what it takes to put someone down, especially if you do not buy good ammmo.


    Like the grendel p38 in .22mag? I have one of those….32rounds very fun to shoot, but don’t know if I want to use it against anything bigger than a jackrabbit…..
    And I agree, having fired the big calibers, those are for sheer fun of making milk jugs explode.(IMI .50ae, S&W 500, and 44mag.) If I’m gonna be swinging 6 pounds of metal around, I’d rather it was my hammer or sword.

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