I am offended!

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    Insanely Rational

    Yes, because everyone knows the owners of those Mexican restaurants have spent the last 1200 years screaming for the death of all those who aren’t devout Mexican-food eaters.

    (And notice how 99% of all the posts after this will commit the “No True Scotsman” fallacy.)


    You mean like most people who belonged to the major religions have done? In America you are not a criminal simply for belonging to a religion which was or is being used by others to commit crimes. Bombing an abortion clinic doesn’t make any other Christian guilty except for the ones who did the bombing. Shooting 30 people and then yourself doesn’t make anyone else a criminal but the shooter. The crusades are not a valid argument for denying an American Christian the right to build a church if he legally bought the property like any other American. If you… Read more »


    One of the most annoying things about being Catholic is being yelled at by Protestants because we don’t read the Holy Bible on one hand, while being yelled at by Atheists who for some odd reason think we do.

    You’re really stretching here, imo.


    Well the Mexicans were there first until the kick ass American Army(If you could even call them that because the number of troops that purged this land of Mexican governing were tiny) kicked their asses out of there. Same goes for New Mexico, California and Arizona.

    But damn, I love Mexican Food. Chile Verde and Carnitas Super Burritos are the foods of ze gods. Nachos, Guacamole, Tamales, Quesadillas and that Ceviche thing. Although maybe these restaurants are an elaborate plan to make America fat. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!! They succeeded.


    Your knowledge of history is fail. First it was a variety of primitive natives who learned how to live off the land. Than it was Spain/France (mainly Spain) who forcefully converted and/or killed thousands of natives across what is today Texas and Mexico. Spain fucked up by allowing a bunch of Anglo settlers move to Texas. Mexico won their first independence then had some asshole named Santa Anna conscript thousands of Mayans to march across Mexico and attack San Antonio and he rofl stomped those in that little mud mission on that map. Of course this is all after Santa… Read more »


    I generalized and said nothing about “interests.” Besides you are talkng about Mexico. I was talking about America. Way to Fail drunkin. Have another brew.


    Scare tactics never change, nor the people who use them.


    I wish we had more Mexican restaurant here.
    You guys should send a few north.


    Don’t worry OP. They’re starting from Arizona, they’ll get to you soon enough.


    do muslims even have restaurants?


    Yes. Ever had Falafel?


    The root of the issue is this: The Muslim religion teaches that “All Infidels must die”. That means YOU if you are not a Muslim.


    And the bible teaches that murdering or raping you is ok if you practice almost anything that is common in the first world. Like having sex without being married or wearing clothes that are made of two different fabrics. That means YOU if you live in a first world country.

    The root of this issue is that not every Christian is a murderous rapist just because his bible preaches such. Just like not every Muslim wants to kill non Muslims.

    No its doesn’t at all. That’s just completely made up. Whereas the Koran does teach that because you don’t have a pecker you’re basically not human. I really don’t know why women ever defend Islam. Its the scapegoat reasoning for millions of crimes against women. The bible (and I’m not religious of course) does not preach physical violence and while it is another religious text its the lesser of two evils in this case. Plus religious reasoning aside I think everyone knows by now (if they didn’t already) this is more about not allowing some idiots to celebrate the religion… Read more »

    Hm there might be a few lines here and there in the bible that advocate murder, rape and torture. That could be how they were able to justify the crusades. I’ve got a bible right here and it tells me I should kill you for not being religious but it’s in German so here’s what I found in English: Anyone arrogant enough to reject the verdict of the judge or of the priest who represents the LORD your God must be put to death. Such evil must be purged from Israel. (Deuteronomy 17:12 NLT) If a man lies with a… Read more »

    Deuteronomy: Hebrew bible. Leviticus: Hebrew bible. 2 Chronicles: Hebrew bible. Those aren’t the books most Christians in America follow. www.biblesforamerica.org/ I don’t really so much want you to go on as start, please. I guess I should have been specific and said that since we’re dealing with Americans here we should use the bible the Christians in America use or at least the ones used most. Not least or not at all. America’s constitution vs. 85% of its population and growing. Laws get rewritten a lot more than religious texts do. From what I’ve read if there are portions of… Read more »


    DieA: Keeping in mind that Judge means just what is says: Judge, as in a court system & the rule of law. That is not really any different from today. Yes, Homosexuality is a sin according to the Old Testament. Whores to were to be killed, but Jesus told us we should be forgiving, and try to teach them the error of their ways. Something about let he who is blamless cast the first stone. – OF course God is blameless, and any man on man action is going to land you in Hell, unless you find Jesus. Yes: Mediums… Read more »


    I didn’t say there was separation of church and state in American law, just that I think it’s important. You do have the 1st Amendment though, that’s pretty fundamental right there. No man made law is perfect, but the American constitution is a good start and I’m very fond of it. So the Muslims just need a new koran were they remove (almost) all the barbaric passages like they did with the old testament and you’re cool with them? That’s fine by me, I wish they did that. But I know that you’re aware what the old testament says about… Read more »


    Lol, people dissing Islam while defending Christianity… like they don’t basically come from the same source.

    It’s all basically still the spooky superstitions of a bunch of long-dead cavemen.


    Willful ignorance is a helluva drug.


    not to mention the Japanese with their restaurants (A day of infamy! A day of infamy for bombing Pearl Harbor, we will never forget!!), the Germans and their Octoberfests (Inglorious Nazis!), the white people owned stored (I don’t know what their religions were [christians, probably], but I will never forget the Oklahoma bombing of the federal building. Can someone look up on wikipedia how many kids died in the daycare center there… Oh forget it, almost all of them), and how about the Greeks (I may have relatives that got feed to lions a thousand years ago)? God help us… Read more »