california chopper advertising

chopper.png (1 MB)

This girl must be about 4 feet tall or something.

Text in pic says it all really.

Or they might have made a bigger version of it for the picture.

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    i lol at the 6’1″, because the two of you look pretty close to the same size. and that back tire says you prolly weigh the same too.


    lay out 12 fake $100 bills end to end and post pics of you laying next to them




    TLDR = too lame, didn’t ride


    So you think you’d look like a woman if you sat on a minibike?

    And she doesn’t look that tiny on the bike either…


    What happened to: “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure”?

    I guess you just realized you bought something only kids and midgets may find useful.


    Well, she does look alot taller than 4 feet, as her knees reach the gas tank, much like yours do, but she doesn’t have them up on the braces, but extended out. If you did the same, you’d see that she isn’t that short.

    Although, because you are a raging putz, the bike will never look good with you on it.


    It’s pretty sad when a male says “hers is bigger than mine”.


    Her boobs had better be bigger than mine!


    wow 6’1″ i didn’t know they could stack shit that tall


    maybe she is these kids’ mom?


    any way you could mount pegs to the front axle?


    I just registered to this site to tell you that you’re a vampire and a masochist. You don’t have any friends because people tire of abusing you. So you’ve used the internet to secure a position where nobody can turn you off or walk away from you. You are a drain on the energy of the entire human race. And don’t get too excited about the new stripes I’m putting on your back. I’m not trying to hurt you. I just want you to be aware of why the world will be better when you’re gone.