Over is right

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    That last one can happen on either direction and this is a repost.


    its a reposted compilation of reposts


    You’re all wrong. Its a repost of multiple images into one image.


    Actually, the “end result” is reversed if you own a cat. And worse. Rolling over with a cat in the house is just asking for the entire roll to end up on the floor and shredded.


    2 notes:

    1. I thought this discussion was over a long time ago. Use what way works for you and shut up about it.
    2. Why would you leave the bathroom door open for your toillet paper shredding cat?


    Some people keep the litter box in the bathroom but even if I didn’t, my cat can open the door anyway. She also reads the newspaper. With her butt.


    We used to do that but eventualy the entire bathroom would be filled with sand so it was decided to move the litter boxes to a relatively unused part of the house. My nose and room thanked greatly.


    Meh… i would like to see the cats around here open doors but they would actualy need to become smart, which is impossible since their parents could probably be rated as the dumbest cats ever and they are about the same. Also, they need opposable thumbs.


    Oh my cat isn’t smart by any means, she just makes a lot of noise when she wants to get into a room but can’t because of the door. Once she realised that jumping at the door handle makes a hell of a noise (old doors with heavy metal handles), she would do that until someone would open the door or the door would open by itself but she never gets that it’s her own accomplishment. My newspaper comment is only there because I thought you didn’t have a cat. What I meant to say is cats like papery stuff,… Read more »


    I do. They seem to chew on paper just for kicks. Obviouly someone has to clean the paper…


    Every cat I’ve ever had loved to shred newspapers. Just lay it down and watch the fun; even more so if you put the paper on top of them. If you want to play along I suggest long oven mitts.


    Oh and my handles don’t listen exclusively to heavy metal, they also enjoy garage rock and when nobody is looking, jazz. Thank you.


    You have a CAT!


    Simple solution: sell the cat, and use the money to buy more two-ply toilet paper.


    That’s supposed to be more simple than just putting it the other way? Riight.

    Jesus Christ

    Printing this out for my bathroom.


    Except for the opposite if you have kids under 6.