Inception Spinning Top Totem

Will it fall!??!?!

Here’s the Answer!

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    the thing is, the totem is irrelevant


    Is not.


    i think what he meant is that it’s irrelevant for “the final answer to the movie”….since the totem is only a way to see if you’re in SOMEONE ELSES dream….he might as well be dreaming his own dream, no matter if the thing falls or not.

    i might be wrong though, i have to watch it again.


    there is no totem


    There is no dream troll.


    goddamnit, i’ve been trying to make time of this movie for three weeks.

    and i already know way too much about the plot >::


    is there like a thing about whether it falls or not in the ending? I thought the point of it keeping spinning was to make you realize he had just gone off to see his kids, not bothering to know if it had dropped at all and just accepting his reality whether real or dream.

    really liked the movie, has a lot of variety n thoughts n stuff that made me stay alert and entertained all the way thru.